Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 10.20.10 PMI created this blog to showcase my published and unpublished works. But first, a little bit about me:

I am a Writer in the Creative Marketing department at Sephora, a leading global beauty retailer. You can read my posts for their social media blog, The Glossyhere.

I graduated from Boston University’s College of Communication in May 2011. I majored in Magazine Journalism with a minor in Italian Language & Culture.

I particularly adore indie (and not-so-indie) British rock, ’90s alternative rock, high fashion, prestige and mass beauty, traveling, post-impressionist art, and ’60s cinema. I also like documentaries more than any 25-year-old should. I have lived and studied in New York, Boston, London, Padua (Italy), and Sydney.

I have worked for the Condé Nast publication, Allure magazine, and have interned with Stuff magazine, The Boston Phoenix, Rolling Stone Australia, The Quad, The Buzz, and College Fashionista.

To get a further glimpse into my individual style in fashion, music, movies, photography, and art, check out my Tumblr.


Renee Trilivas

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