Get To Know: Renee

Renee, Boston University Style Guru

Fashion Inspirations: Georgia Jagger and Liv Tyler

Why she loves Boston University fashion scene: “BU kids are not afraid to express themselves through their wardrobe choices! Girls wear Doc Martens, flowing dresses, and over-sized geek chic glasses to class. Guys wear bowler hats, colored jeans, and skinny ties. The BU-ers are truly fearless Fashionistas!”

I am a Magazine Journalism major with a minor in Italian at Boston University. I am originally from New York; it’s in my blood. I adore East Coast street style, some of my favorite wardrobe staples are leather boots, leggings, and over-sized sunglasses. I’ve lived in both London and Italy, so my style is a combination of all these fashion meccas. I really appreciate fashion that has a bit of an edge; fashion inspired by rock & roll is my personal favorite. I love Karl Lagerfeld and Rodarte. My favorite celebrity styles are Chloe Sevigny and Rihanna because they take risks and have the confidence to rock whatever they wear.

Peace, Love, Renee

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