Mix It Up With A Scarf

December 21, 2009

It’s about time to be breaking out those hats and gloves for the frigid Boston weather, but don’t forget the scarf!

Be unexpected this holiday season and leave that darling scarf on indoors. Mix up your look by sporting geometric or abstract prints with that simple black scarf that’s somewhere rumpled at the bottom of your closet. This Fashionista is wearing a jersey scarf over a geometric printed dress creating an effortlessly cool look that keeps you warm and stylish.

Try throwing on a braided scarf over an unadorned tulip dress to add some unexpected texture or even a classic crocheted scarf with an abstract tea party dress.

Hint: It’s best to pair a solid-color, knitted scarf with a graphic dress or wrap on a crazy, abstract scarf over a plain-Jane dress. Also don’t put on a statement scarf with any complicated necklines, tiers of ruffles, or tight ruching—you’ll look as if you’re trying too hard.

Check out these dresses: this blurred gradient cocktail dress, this graphic red strapless dress; or for a wilder look, this sexy leopard dress.

And spice up those LBD’s you already have in your closet with pieces like this shredded scarf, this colorful, artsy scarf or this tasseled scarf.

For more basic winter scarves, check out American Apparel—they have awesome three-packs in every color of the rainbow. You can mix and match these pieces, but remember to choose only one focal point of the outfit.

Also scope out this Fashionista’s earrings, which she made herself. If you’re not that creative, check out these similar bone earrings.

Style On,

Renee Trilivas


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