Youthful Knits

February 1, 2010

Sweaters instinctively make me think grandma. I just picture a little old lady sitting in a rocking chair knitting themselves a sweater for the winter. But let’s face it, those sweaters your grandma gives you are warm and comfy.  But ladies, there is hope—certain knitted pieces can be stylish and youthful.

This Fashionista is wearing a deep navy oversized sweater dress with a bold center zipper, adorable front pockets, and slouchy hood. She’s paired the piece with super bright tights and burnt orange-brown riding boots.

Hint: Make sure you don’t just look like you’ve stole your boyfriend’s sweatshirt, pick pieces with unique details like this batwing purple knit dress, these sweet stripes, or this fitted tunic.

For a romantic, dressier option to the cocoon sweater dress, try this neutral ruched dress from Urban Outfitters. For those super blustery Boston days swap out the tights for a pair of vibrant leggings.

Style On,

Renee Trilivas


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