Betsey Johnson Fashion Show in Boston

Betsey Johnson is known for her youthful party dresses in delicious shades like baby pink and soft teal, and her finale cartwheel and neon pink shopping bags. February 7th, I was lucky enough to attend a Betsey Johnson Fashion & Trunk Show at BOND lounge at the Langham Hotel. Here’s the lowdown for when BJ took over Beantown:

* The Bubblegum Pink Sweater Dress: This model is rocking an uber pretty in pink look. This sweaterdress is imprinted with a quintessential BJ trademark of a winking Marilyn Monroe-esque face. But if you look closely, the seductive face is updated with vampire fangs touching on the current pop culture craze.

* Guys Heart BJ: This cheeky femme fatale is literally making several bold statements. Her black wifebeater is splashed up with with BJ’s classic proclamation paired with a goth tutu and leather boots. She amplified the raciness with the label “sex pot” stitched onto the back of the seemingly basic black cardigan.

* Little Bow Peep Dress: This is BJ at her finest taking a childish twist on the LBD. Be sure to pair this ruffled number with some edgy booties like this Fashionista did to ensure you don’t look like a storybook character.

* Old School Gangser Dress: This look was definitely more on the tougher side of the spectrum. This cobalt blue sheath dress is unique because the print consists of cool vintage black guns. Pair this look with leather jacket and retro waves and you could surely double as one of the pink ladies from Grease.

One thing is clear about BJ’s looks: no matter if they’re super sweet, a bit sour, or a lot on the spicy side, they are consistently fun, youthful, and carefree.

Check out my video clips from the show featuring music from David Bowie!

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