Hipster Disney Princess

Every Fashionista has her favorite Disney princess and dreamed of being a graceful Disney princess as a little girl, complete with prince charming, her triumph over those who doubted her, and happily ever after in a humongous European castle–all with envy-inducing outfits and flawless hair.

The fantastical world of Walt Disney will stay in this Fashionista’s heart forever. She is wearing a playful, oversized white tank top with colorful, smiling Disney characters teamed with a pair of denim cut-offs and buckled, leather boots. To get her edgy-yet-sweet look try these youthful options:

Cutesy Basics:

Classic Disney:

Animated Pieces:

Colorful Extras:

Hint: To find even more Disney wear, try scouring your local thrift store or you can even revive an old Disney sweatshirt by cutting the collar off a baggy sweatshirt to make a Flashdance 80’s style piece.

Style On,

Renee Trilivas

Please note: Photos for this post are temporarily unavailable.

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