Super Bowl 2011: Halftime Show

Hello readers! I hope you enjoyed this year’s Super Bowl Sunday, even if you just watch the (semi-disappointing) commercials! I’m rejoicing in the Green Bay Packers victory, but let’s be real, I know nothing about sports. Just ask my friend Lauren. (Side note: For some reason, I thought the Green Bay Packers were from California. Why? I don’t know. I definitely recall seeing a few “cheese heads” in the crowd.) I usually only tune in for the halftime show. The 2001 Super Bowl halftime show with Aerosmith, Nelly, N’Sync, Mary J. Blige, and Britney Spears changed my entire perspective of the Super Bowl. Britney smacking lips with Steven Tyler (“Just give me a little kiss, like this!”) opened me up to the edgy mixing of bubble gum pop and classic 1970s rock. Who knew ten years later Steven Tyler would be lusting after mid-western American Idol hopefuls, Britney would be irrelevant, and Justin Timberlake would be guest starring in 2010’s biggest movie (The Social Network)? Not to mention, Britney’s football-inspired outfit was slamming. I particularly admired her fingerless sock glove. Check out the fantastic performance here:

This year’s Super Bowl again combined classic (1980s) rock in the form of original Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash and the futuristic hip-hoppers the Black Eyed Peas. Although I personally think, Fergie’s vocals on “Sweet Child O Mine” were, in short, pathetic in comparison to Axl Rose’s, the combination was fun and entertaining–as the Super Bowl halftime show should be. (Please note: I am definitely portraying some sort of bias. Rose is one of my favorite rock singers of all time. If I could swap my tone-deaf singing voice for anyone’s, it would be his earth-shattering pipes. I saw the new Guns N’ Roses lineup play in Sydney, Australia in December 2010 and let me tell you, the man can still command a stadium.) However, I did think Fergie’s sparkly ensemble with that cheerleader-esque skirt and subtle, footballer shoulder pads was awesome. Kudos to Fergie’s stylist. Usher also made a surprise guest performance singing “OMG,” but I secretly wished for Usher’s protege, pre-pubescent superstar Justin Bieber to make a surprise performance. In my opinion, the halftime show needed the next up-and-coming musical icon, which I’m not too thrilled to say, is the Biebs. But hey, the boy has got the “it” factor according to teenage girls nationwide. I feel like I would’ve shared that view if I saw the Biebs for all of two minutes on this year’s Super Bowl halftime show. Maybe next year? Never say never.

What you you think? How does this year’s halftime show measure up? Check out this year’s Super Bowl halftime show in it’s entirety here:

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