Chiddy Bang: The Preview

Artist: Chiddy Bang
Album: The Preview, EMI

It’s about time hip-hop/electronica marriage was legalized

Philly-based duo Chiddy Bang playfully mix and match a resourceful stew of indie rock, electro-pop, and American Dream hip-hop on their first EP The Preview. Emcee Chiddy and DJ/producer Xaphoon Jones prove their novelty on their first single “The Opposite of Adults” merging a sample of MGMT’s “Kids” with classic East Coast rap, producing the perfect introduction into their realm of promising hybrid sound. “All Things Go” transforms indie folk singer Sufijan Stevens’ “Chicago” into a feel-good tune bordering a whimsical children’s sing along with its quirky, entirely auto-tuned chorus.

But Chiddy’s influences ring far too clear throughout the album: cliché references to C.R.E.A.M., traces of Kanye West’s “Stronger” in the hook of the punchy, rap-heavy “Here We Go”, and tracks like “Nothing On We” fall short without Jones’ strategically placed samples, with Chiddy’s primary school lyrics like “Victorious/and can we bring this to the chorius” on full display. Chiddy better up his originality and wit or Jones’ eyes may be wandering for a new partner.

Key Tracks: “Opposite of Adults”,  “All Things Go,” “Bad Day”

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