The Temper Trap: Conditions – Remixed

Artist: The Temper Trap
Album: Conditions – Remixed, Liberation Music

In an attempt to satisfy the insatiable cravings for Melbourne alt-rockers the Temper Trap while they’re recording in London, ten DJs have sliced and diced their 2009 knockout debut album Conditions to serve up the remixed album.

Sister Bliss and Rollo, two-thirds of the London electro band Faithless, whips the overplayed album opener “Love Lost” into an infectious, seven-minute whirlwind of club-thumping, techno beats, transforming vocalist Dougy Mandagi into wailing soul singer while Penguin Prison reinterprets the bare-boned “Resurrection” into wonky synth-drenched, dancefloor-filler that sounds more like a Scissor Sisters tune than Temper Trap’s. The Count (aka Hervé) injects the thrashing “Science of Fear” with stabbing synths, burying the original skeleton into a grimy, dub step ruckus.

Inevitably, a few of the remixes feel forced with throbbing R&B synths and squawking seagulls (for real) on RUSKO’s “Soldier On” and the pounding percussions laced with sci-fi synths and stuttering vocals on PVT’s “Fader” remix. The remixed version of Conditions is a respectable afterglow, but it simply cannot stand up to the sinewy original.

Key Tracks: “Love Lost” (Sister Bliss and Rollo Mix), “Resurrection” (Penguin Prison Remix), “Science of Fear” (The Count (aka Hervé) ‘Medusa’ Remix)

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