Uffie: Sex Dreams & Denim Jeans

Artist: Uffie
Album: Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans, Ed Banger Records

The spritely French electro-pop artist gets gangster on your ass

It’s hard to imagine the 22-year-old platinum blonde Uffie popping a cap in your ass, yet that’s the theme of her first single “Pop The Glock”, originally released in 2006 off her debut album Sex Dreams And Denim Jeans. Uffie also attempts to boost her street cred with her self-proclaimed “hip hop roots” on “The Art Of Uff” with a 90s Dr. Dre beat on ecstasy, saying “This sound is smacking your ass/My voice is touching your heart/So bang your head, you silly bitch” in her ambiguous accent.

As she says herself, she’s got some “dope beats” courtesy of DJ Feadz, Mirwais, Mr. Oizo, and SebastiAn, particularly on the lullaby-meshed-with-Atari track “Give It Away” and the drugged-out synths on the urbanized Valley of the Dolls track “ADD SUV” that features Pharrell Williams.

Aside from Uffie’s bungling lyrics, Uffie’s most unforgivable offence is the album’s title track “Sex Dreams And Denim Jeans” that samples The Velvet Underground’s legendary track “Rock & Roll”. No one should ever be allowed to squeal about his or her wet dreams over that fulminant guitar solo.

Key Tracks: “Pop The Glock”, “ADD SUV”, “MCs Can Kiss”

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