Song of the Day: “Baby Pop”

Song: “Baby Pop”

Artist: France Gall

Album: Baby Pop

Label: Universal

Year: 1966

You’ve got to love the stereotypical portrayal of the French as romantically tragic and sentimental, discussing existential literature while puffing through packs of cigarettes and sipping red wine. It seems like even Serge Gainsbourg’s blond-haired Parisian protegé France Gall had this act down by the age of 18. The petite fille isn’t singing about something infantile like whipping her hair back and forth, but how forlorn the future can be. How moody and French is that? Le sigh.

Best Lyrics: “Tu seras une pauvre gosse. Seule et abandonnée. Tu finiras par te marier. Peut-être même contre ton gré. À la nuit de tes noces. Il sera trop tard pour. Le regretter.”

Google Translation: “You will be a poor kid. Alone and abandoned. You’re gonna marry. Maybe even against your will. On the night of your wedding. It will be too late to. Regret.”

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