Stuff We Love: Kiel James Patrick

Check out my blurb on Rhode Island designer Kiel James Patrick featured in Stuff magazine. Click below for larger text, or read it online here.

Screw spring. We’re already looking ahead to New England summers: those long, sweltering days spent sailing on the Cape, followed by breezy evenings of clambakes and bonfires. (Damn, it feels good to be a… Kennedy?) Okay, so our preppy local color isn’t for everyone — and besides, salmon-colored trousers can’t suit everyone’s skin tone. But we’re still mighty impressed with the designs of Kiel James Patrick, a Rhode Island native who began reworking vintage pieces back in his prep school days. Today he continues to combine preppy staples, such as austere family tartans, sunny madras prints, and nautical icons like cherry-red lobsters and silver anchors, into bracelets and belts. And he pays homage to all-American royalty (princesses named Buffy and Muffy, that is) with the preppy girl’s crown — the headband — in designs echoing collegiate stripes and nautical knots. His distinctive accessories, constructed from locally sourced silks, fabrics, leather, and trademark brass buttons, are now available not only throughout New England, but also worldwide. (How do you think they say WASP in Japanese?) But locally, you can find his designs at Flat of the Hill (60 Charles Street, Boston, 617.619.9977). Sounds like a good opportunity to do some prep work for our summer closets.

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