Allure Daily Beauty Reporter: Do You Talk About Your Man’s Grooming?

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As a devoted fan of all the Real Housewives,I look forward to my weekly hour of garish spending, supreme narcissism, and unwarranted backstabbing. But this week Bravo decided to change it up and give viewers an unwanted mental visual when Beverly Hills housewife Camille Grammer chatted about her ex-husband Kelsey Grammer’s grooming habits—in the back of a limousine—on her way to dinner.

“I used to have to scrape those barnacles off,” Camille said referring to the former Frasier star’s back. If that wasn’t enough to get your gag reflex going, Camille went on to joke that she needed a hedge trimmer to tackle Kelsey’s back hair.

“Manscaping” isn’t a new phenomenon, but has talking about it with your girlfriends suddenly become proper pre-dinner conversation? Does anyone really want to hear if your boyfriend is clean-shaven or not?

For me, it doesn’t matter if the subject of the man grooming is David Beckham, I still wouldn’t want that image burned into my brain. What’s your take on this hairy situation?

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