Allure Daily Beauty Reporter: What Would You Sacrifice for a Hot Body?

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How much would you sacrifice for the perfect body? A UK woman named Jayne Fenney recently sold her three-bedroom house (plus her double bed, clothes dryer, and television) to pay for roughly $47,700 worth of plastic surgery. Fenney splurged on a full-body lift—on her stomach, arms, breasts, and thighs—to sculpt her body into her ideal shape after losing 150 pounds with the help of gastric banding surgery. (The dramatic weight loss left her with excess skin that that could only be removed with surgery.) Fenney now lives in a mobile home, and she told the Daily Mail that it was the best thing she ever did, saying, “Feeling great is worth ten houses.”

After reading the headline, my first thought was that this woman must a superficial nut—a woman with a trout pout and an over-inflated chest. But when I clicked through to her picture, instead of finding a blow-up doll doppelganger, Fenney looked natural and (dare I say it?) normal. I found myself identifying with her desire for a solution to a body issue that diet and exercise can’t fix. Rather than load that $50 grand onto her credit cards, she made the calculation that the surgery would make her happier than her three-bedroom house. If she’s happy with the results—isn’t that all that matters? What would you give up to have the perfect body?

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Allure Daily Beauty Reporter: Would You Reveal Your Bra Size to the World?

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There are plenty of numbers women love to share, like their 15-mile run on the treadmill this morning or their 4.0 GPA in college— other numbers, not so much. (Who really wants to share their dress size, for example, or their annual salary? At the exact point at which you wouldn’t be embarrassed, you can then be accused of bragging.)

You might think that cup size wouldn’t even be up for discussion, but Swedish lingerie chain Change has been in the news recently for requiring its female employees to display their bra size right on their name tag. Yes, if you worked at one of the company’s 150 stores, within five seconds of meeting you, men, women, and literate children would know your name is Sue and you’re a 34B. The company says it introduced this policy three years ago in order to help customers estimate their own bra size (presumably by checking out the clerks’ tatas). Call me old fashioned, but wouldn’t it actually be less awkward to find out your size by being groped by a sales associate with measuring tape?

Not surprisingly, employees are firing back with a lawsuit, saying that the policy is sexist and demeaning. One employee told Swedish union paper Handelsnytt, “We have dirty old men coming into the shop looking at my cup size. Why should everyone get to know that? Guys selling underwear don’t have to show their size.”

Even though some women maybe proud of their natural or surgically enhanced breasts, is it appropriate to be required to advertise your cup size? Would you be comfortable broadcasting your bra size to the world, or is it called underwear for a reason?

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9 Hot (But Easy) Halloween Ideas From Top Makeup Artists: Cleopatra

Here is an excerpt from a fun, Halloween post by Kate Sullivan. That’s me in the photo dressed as Cleopatra. Try it out yourself next Halloween!


Elizabeth Taylor’s blue-eye-shadow version is not the only Cleopatra out there. “I did a modern take like this on Adriana Lima once for a Victoria’s Secret launch,” says Murphy.

1: “Mix a few drops of liquid illuminator with your foundation and apply that all over your face,” says Murphy.

2: Use a very dark pencil to give yourself brows that are arched at the center. Then add a little gold cream eye shadow on your brow bones.

3: Use a black eye pencil to trace a thick strip along the lash line, creating an exaggerated eye shape that extends beyond the eye but goes straight across rather than upward, says Murphy. Top off the lashes with black mascara.

4: Use a hint of burnt-sienna blush on the cheeks.

5: Finish off with a brownish-brick-red lip color. “Blot it off so it looks like a stain,” says Murphy. “You don’t want a glossy shine.”

EXTRAS: A black bob wig and as much gold jewelry as your chest, ears, and wrists can carry.

Allure Product Review: Dr. Hauschka Melissa Day Cream

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This lemon-scented Dr. Hauschka moisturizer leaves skin soft but not greasy.

A moisturizer for sensitive combination skin

Moisturizes skin while controlling oil

Melissa officinalis, anthyllis vulneraria, carrot root, daisy flower, and witch hazel extracts (astringents); tapioca starch (oil absorber); glycerin (moisturizer)

This creamy yellow lotion has a zesty lemon scent.

The natural formula hydrates skin while leaving a matte finish, so you don’t have to worry about looking greasy. And the lemon fragrance is truly mouthwatering.

—Renee Trilivas

Allure Product Review: Topshop Nails in Green Room

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This bright blue-green nail polish from Topshop is a bold alternative to your everyday pinks and reds.

A bright, sea foam green nail polish that is free of DBP, toluene, and formaldehyde

It’s not exactly a classic, but it’s not meant to be: The bright, milky green-blue is a funky alternative to your basic pinks and reds—and will definitely get nails noticed.

—Renee Trilivas