9 Hot (But Easy) Halloween Ideas From Top Makeup Artists: Cleopatra

Here is an excerpt from a fun, allure.com Halloween post by Kate Sullivan. That’s me in the photo dressed as Cleopatra. Try it out yourself next Halloween!


Elizabeth Taylor’s blue-eye-shadow version is not the only Cleopatra out there. “I did a modern take like this on Adriana Lima once for a Victoria’s Secret launch,” says Murphy.

1: “Mix a few drops of liquid illuminator with your foundation and apply that all over your face,” says Murphy.

2: Use a very dark pencil to give yourself brows that are arched at the center. Then add a little gold cream eye shadow on your brow bones.

3: Use a black eye pencil to trace a thick strip along the lash line, creating an exaggerated eye shape that extends beyond the eye but goes straight across rather than upward, says Murphy. Top off the lashes with black mascara.

4: Use a hint of burnt-sienna blush on the cheeks.

5: Finish off with a brownish-brick-red lip color. “Blot it off so it looks like a stain,” says Murphy. “You don’t want a glossy shine.”

EXTRAS: A black bob wig and as much gold jewelry as your chest, ears, and wrists can carry.

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