My New Makeup Hero: Miss America Laura Kaeppeler

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Beauty pageants usually inspire little more from me than rolled eyes and catty remarks, but this weekend’s Miss America pageant had a surprise ending. During Miss Wisconsin Laura Kaeppeler’s crowning moment, in true pageant style, she burst into tears of joy. Not so typical: this caused her black mascara to run down her cheeks in thick muddy streams. This was one of the biggest nights of her life and it was ostensibly spoiled by smudged mascara, but did she care? Nope. With her big smile and raccoon eyes, she waved to the crowd (and millions of at-home viewers) as elated as ever.

In a later interview, she said that if she’d known she was going to cry, she would’ve worn waterproof mascara. But I wouldn’t have changed a thing. In the pageant world of fake tans and shellacked updos, where not a hair is ever out of place, I found her beauty malfunction—and how she dealt with it—to be incredibly refreshing. “It made that moment very real” she admitted in the interview. Real is not a term often associated with beauty pageants and the women who participate in them, but the minor makeup glitch was a much-needed reminder that “perfect” beauty is sometimes just smoke and mirrors. What did you think of Miss America’s beauty malfunction.

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