Allure Daily Beauty Reporter: Would You Get Cosmetic Surgery…On Your Feet?

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We used to think that the best way to take the pain out of walking in sky-high heels was to sit down. But it turns out more and more women are turning to their doctors for relief. In the procedure, dubbed a “Loub job,” dermal filler is injected into the toe pads, heels, and balls of the feet, where it apparently creates a cushioning effect, nixing the dreaded pain and burning associated with high heels.The Daily Mail recently reported that the popularity of this procedure, which costs about $600 and lasts about six months, rose 21 percent in England last year.

Our first reaction was, have none of these women heard of shoe inserts and a foot massage? Then again, heels these days can run upwards of a $1000. If you’re going to spend a small fortune on your feet, what’s little extra—and a needle stick—to ensure those heels are comfortable?

What about you: Would you modify your feet for a pair of Louboutins?

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The Most Gorgeous Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Under $50

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Mothers have an uncanny knack for feigning delight over truly crappy presents. They’ll squeal at a bouquet of carnations and well up over papier-mâché jewelry boxes. It’s endearing. It’s selfless. And it makes knowing what they actually do like more inscrutable than a poem written in finger paint and glitter. That’s why we scoped out ten gorgeous beauty gifts—all under $50—that your mom won’t have to pretend to love. Promise. You can even shop for them!

Break out the bubbly for Mother’s Day. Housed in a corked glass bottle, this foaming bath oil smells like an intoxicating blend of lavender, honey, and orchid.

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Allure Daily Beauty Reporter: How to Wear Makeup While Working Out (If You Must)

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Track and field star Jessica Ennis, currently in training for the London 2012 Olympics, recently admitted that she always competes in a full face of makeup. While this sounds like a typical trip to Pilates class for a Kardashian, I have to admit that I found it a little surprising for a serious athlete—but then again, I’ve never had millions of people worldwide watch me exert myself on TV. And Ennis’s explanation of her race ritual to The Daily Mailcertainly makes sense: “I definitely think if I feel I look good, it makes me feel more confident,” she told the London paper.

Her story also made me wonder exactly what effect makeup could have on your complexion if you are really sweating up a storm. “Wearing makeup while working out can hinder some of the natural ways your skin adjusts to exertion, like sweating and dilating pores,” says New York City dermatologist Erin Gilbert. “This can be a disaster as it often leads to clogged pores and breakouts.” Here, she shares her tips on how to protect your skin while you sweat, if you are like Ennis and feel the need to not go bare-faced.

Be prepared. For oily or acne-prone skin, Gilbert recommends washing your face with an oil-free cleanser before working out to get rid of any bacteria that might be tempted to invade your soon-to-be open pores. If you have sensitive skin that tends to experience a burning sensation from sweat, apply a protective layer of a gentle moisturizer like CeraVe, but always skip heavy moisturizers with thickening agents like dimenthicone that can clog pores.

Be smart. Thick, oily foundations or anything that comes in a solid compacts is the worst choice during exercise because they block sweat and sebum from leaving the skin, which in turn leads to blackheads and acne,” Gilbert explains. Instead, try a water-based foundation or mineral makeup that is less likely to clog pores.

Clean it up. Washing off excess makeup, sweat, and dirt after a workout is essential,” Gilbert says—and the sooner the better. She recommends washing with a mild cleanser like Cetaphil post-workout or throwing a cleansing wipe in your gym bag to get the job done if you’re somewhere without a locker room. Follow with moisturizer but remember, your skin can be more sensitive after exercising, so stick to gentle products.

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