Allure Daily Beauty Reporter: A New Low: Panhandling for Plastic Surgery

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Whether it means dropping a few pounds or putting on mascara in the morning, everyone wants to look good. But do you really want to look good—or do you want to be looked at?

An Ohio woman is raising money for breast implants, which will help improve her self-esteem, she says, but instead of picking up some extra shifts at work, she’s taking her cause to the streets. Thirty-seven-year-old Chrissy Lance, clad in a silver bikini and perched on a shiny motorcycle, has been panhandling at the side of the road to pay for her plastic surgery. You’ve got to give her props for putting it all out there to get what she wants, but her quest for $5,000 to pay for a boob job seems to be as much about attention as self-improvement.

Maybe it’s just me, but if I ever decided to opt for plastic surgery over my real breasts, I wouldn’t be parading around in next to nothing with strangers ogling my goodies. I would feel completely objectified. There’s got to be a better way! I’d keep it a private matter, maybe ask family and close friends for loans—or invest in a padded bra. But no busking on the street corner.

How far would you go to pay for plastic surgery?

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One thought on “Allure Daily Beauty Reporter: A New Low: Panhandling for Plastic Surgery

  1. Yes i liked your post. But i think this Ohio woman has no money for her surgery. For that she is busking on the street. Beside this, You are in right way & your thinking about this kind of work is perfect. Because when anyone decide to do plastic surgery she should must do hard work or need to take loan for completing the surgery.Thanks for your nice thinking….

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