Answered Prayers: A Refrigerator for Cosmetics

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Wine has its own cellar, shoes (at least some lucky pairs) have their own closets, and now beauty products are getting a home refrigerator to call their own.

Luxury closet designer Lisa Adams of LA Closet Design gave me the scoop on these little iceboxes, which are designed for high-end closets, cost $2,075, and feature compartments with glass dividers so perfumes and face creams don’t move around or get knocked over—or rub shoulders with the Diet Coke and leftover pizza in the kitchen fridge. Adams tells me she often suggests a beauty-product refrigerator to her clients, “especially the ones that have an abundance of cosmetics.”

Some products do perform better when kept at lower temperatures: Chilled eye cream and gel masks help depuff inflamed skin, acne and anti-aging products stay potent at cooler temperatures, and off-season fragrances can stay fresh in the fridge until the spring. But not all of your products are better on ice. Nail polish can thicken, and powder foundations and blush are best kept in dark, dry places. OK, so a beauty-product refrigerator is not exactly a necessity. But I still want one!

How about you? If you had the space (and money), would you install a fridge in your closet?

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Photo: Courtesy of LA Closet Design


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