Holiday Beauty: Party Touch-Up Tips

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Everyone wants to look like they just walked into the party—with smooth hair, flushed cheeks, and just-bitten lips—but a few spins on the dance floor are enough to knock some of the glamour out of your holiday grooming. Here, our top tips for staying radiant all night long.

Don’t sweat—glisten. Unless you’re one of those rare creatures in Zumba commercials, your face will get start to shine after you bust a move, so tuck a few blotting papers into your purse to absorb the moisture. Try Boscia Pink Peppermint Blotting Linens (they smell like candy canes!) or use a toilet seat cover—it sounds kooky, but it works—to sop up sweat and oil in a bind.

Tame your mane. Smooth your puffed up hair with another bathroom mainstay: hand cream. Rub a pea-sized blob in your palms and skim them over your hair to tamp down frizz. If your blowout starts to lose bounce, flip your head underneath an electric hand-dryer to pump up the volume. And when you style seems unsalvageable, twist your hair into a loose bun and slip on the festive jeweled headband you wisely tucked into your purse.

Get glowing. To bring life back to sallow cheeks, apply a dab of tinted lip balm or lipstick onto the apples of your cheeks and blend well for a natural-looking flush. If you’re prone to redness, use a creamy concealer stick to blur a ruddy complexion. Plus, you can also use it to erase dark circles, blemishes, and any straying eye shadow. Skip anything that requires a brush—just swipe on and blend with your index finger.
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