How Old Is Too Old to Wear Hair Bows?

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There are certain hair accessories that will see you through the pigtails of your hopscotch days and the ponytails of your Equinox days (snap clips, rubber bands, bobby pins). And then there are hair accessories that fade out of your wardrobe around the time you stop wearing Velcro shoes. Namely, hair bows. Thats’ why I was a bit surprised to see one of my style icons, Kerry Washington, rocking a big old bow on her head at a Django Unchained press event in Germany. Here, in three words, is why I think her hair bow looks totally chic and not inappropriately cutes-y: it’s by Vuitton. And it matches the checkered Vuitton sheath she was wearing. But, of course, her sexy side-swept bangs don’t hurt either. A few things to consider before you dust off the hair bow:

⋅ Go for floppy grosgrain, lace, velvet, or silk styles—they look more expensive and grown-up.

⋅ Wear your bow slightly askew and close to your hairline, not right in the middle of your head.

⋅ Always pair bows with a sexy, unpolished hair, like a messy bun or a rumpled, low ponytail.

⋅ Throw in a few strokes of black liner to keep the look edgy (and maybe add a badass black leather jacket).

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