The Sephora Glossy: Bronzer Tips from Too Faced’s Jerrod Blandino

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Too Faced’s Creative Director tells Renee Trilivas his golden rules for bronzer.

With summer right around the corner, we’re looking forward to days at the beach and nights around the bonfire—but we’re not so psyched to reveal our pale skin and subpar bronzing skills. To make our beach-bronzed ambition a reality, we asked Too Faced’s Creative Director Jerrod Blandino for his golden rules of bronzer. “If someone comments on your bronzer, you’re doing it wrong,” Blandino says. “People shouldn’t know you’re wearing it.” Here, his tips to add a little healthy color to your summer.

RULE: Go faux.
“Women are always in pursuit of that real California tan…which leads to melanoma,” says Blandino, whose sister, Lisa, is a skin cancer survivor. “It was my mission to create a wardrobe of bronzers that you can change every day, like you change your shoes. With bronzer, you can achieve any glow in the safest, healthiest way possible—any time of year.” His off-season pick: Too Faced Pink Leopard, which has shimmery pink, peach, and bronze tones. “It’s a flirty, romantic twist on bronzer.”
TIP: Always apply SPF under any bronzer—just because you’re bronze doesn’t mean you’re shielded from the sun. And just like SPF, bronzer is not just for summer.

RULE: Prep your skin.
For bronzer to look natural, you need a clean, smooth base. After cleansing, use a non-abrasive scrub, and slather on a light moisturizer to slough away flakes and dry skin, which can prevent bronzer from going on evenly. Then, Blandino recommends applying Too Faced Bronzed & Poreless priming bronzer—“It’s like a magician,” he says, “It mattes skin, fills in pores, and turns up the intensity of any bronzer.” Smooth on BB cream or a light-to-medium coverage foundation for a “healthy and hydrated ideal canvas.”
TIP: Be sure to let your base fully dry before adding bronzer for an even, non-tacky finish.

RULE: Work with the right formula.
“Pressed powder bronzers tend to be the easiest to apply,” Blandino says. He also recommends avoiding glitter, and instead embracing shimmer. “It gives you a healthy, dewy radiance, like you’ve been jogging at the beach,” he says. “You can’t make a mistake with it—plus, it makes you look younger.”
TIP: If you’re using bronzer to contour or sculpt, use a matte formula like Too Faced Chocolate Soleil to create natural-looking shadows.

RULE: Use bronzer to enhance and correct your skintone.
If you’re going for a multidimensional effect, Blandino advises using a multi-tonal bronzer to add warmth, as well as depth. Try Too Faced Snow Bunny, which has pearly white, seashell pink, fawn, and deep chocolate shades that “correct sallowness and counteract redness” or Too Faced Beach Bunny for a rich, just-back-from-vacation bronze that makes you “look like you’ve swallowed a light bulb.”
TIP: Load up a travel brush, like Too Faced Retractable Bronze-buki Brush, with bronzer, snap on the cap, and toss in your bag for mid-day touch-ups.

RULE: Apply bronzer strategically.
Using a big, fluffy brush, sweep bronzer in a W-shape from the temples down to the jawline then back up the bridge of the nose. “It adds a touch of color and makes you look polished in literally five seconds.” For a chiseled effect, apply bronzer around the perimeter of the face, hitting the hairline, the temples, under the jawline, and into the hollows of the cheekbones, creating an “E” or “3” shape (depending on which side of the face you’re working on). Lastly, add bronzer down the bridge of your nose when the brush isn’t packed with bronzer. “It instantly makes you look like you’ve lost ten pounds!”
TIP: To pump up your basic contour for a night on the town, apply shimmer to the tops of your cheekbones, down the center of the nose, under the eyes, and above the browbones in a circular buffing motion. “It’s sexy and adds instant attitude.”

RULE: Match your face to your body.
“If you just put bronzer on your face, it’ll look like your wearing a mask,” Blandino says. Instead, add a light layer of bronzer to your neck, collarbone, clavicle, and cleavage.
Tip: To amp up the look for night, brush on a shimmery formula for a tawny, candlelit glow.

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