The Sephora Glossy: Dior Addict Eau Délice

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Find out why Dior’s newest perfume—exclusive to Sephora—is pure delight.

With its name literally translating to “delight,” Dior Addict Eau Délice is the fourth, and quite possibly the bubbliest, member of the Dior Addict fragrance family. “It is a scent interpretation of Dior’s Cruise Collections, which most recently took inspiration from the resort town of Saint-Tropez,” says Dior Fragrance Marketing Manager Anne Krisulewicz. “It’s young, trendy, fresh, and easy to wear.” Here, Krisulewicz dissects the lively—and addictive—summer scent.  RENEE TRILIVAS

THE INSPIRATION: “A cocktail of joie de vivre under the Saint-Tropez sun—a complementary fruity, tasty freshness.”

THE SCENT: “It’s fruity, floral, luminous, and opulent.”

CRANBERRY: “Cranberry adds sweet and sour notes.”
BERGAMOT: “Bergamot brings a nice freshness to the fragrance.”
ORANGE: “Orange adds sweetness and juiciness.”
WHITE MUSK: “This adds density, distinction, and a cottony softness; it helps wrap and comfort the fragrance.”

THE BOTTLE: “First introduced in 2002 with Dior Addict Eau de Parfum, the Dior Addict bottle has an innovative twist and spray format that allows the wearer to turn the cap closed and drop the fragrance into her purse—perfectly matching the Addict woman’s on-the-go nature.”

THE COLOR: “The coral color represents a deft mix of two vibrant colors: red and yellow. Extroverted and seductive, red represents the spirit of life. It is a color of extremes—both passionate and adventurous. Bright and sunny, yellow is youthful and full of energy, hope, and happiness. The ombré effect on the bottle fades from intense color to clear—in line with the light and bubbly attitude of the fragrance.”

THE WEARER: “She’s addicted to life and freedom. She is daring and playful, original, and multifaceted. Her purpose in life? To laugh, dance, and seduce. Her philosophy? Do what makes her happy!”

THE TIP: “Eau Délice can be applied all over for an effervescent aura. For a more intense, seductive scent, spray directly into your palm and use your finger to apply directly to your pulse points, so the fragrance continues to diffuse throughout the day.”


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