The Sephora Glossy: St. Tropez Brand Ambassador Nichola Joss on Keeping Your Color

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Find out how to extend your faux summer tan into fall—and beyond.

Summer may be winding down, but you can bet your bronzer that our golden tans will last well into fall. “Faux tans fade because of dry skin and natural cell regeneration,” says St. Tropez brand ambassador Nichola Joss. Here, we get her top tips for an endless summer. RENEE TRILIVAS

GET A HEAD START: Joss recommends shaving, exfoliating with a non-oily scrub, and lightly moisturizing before applying self-tanner. “You can’t get a perfect tan without a clean, even canvas,” she says.

CHOOSE & APPLY WISELY: “It’s important to use a good formula like St. Tropez, which combines with the melanin in your skin for the most natural-looking tan,” Joss explains. For extra hydration and the longest-lasting color, try a lotion formula like St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Lotion and always use an applicator mitt. “This helps to buff the formula into the skin and add contour for the perfect finish.”

STAY HYDRATED: To extend your tan and prevent the skin from shedding, drink lots of water and moisturize daily. “Moisturizing helps keep cells healthy and prevents cell turnover, which leads to fading.”

EXFOLIATE REGULARLY: Although it sounds counterintuitive, Joss recommends exfoliating every two days. “It promotes cell regeneration, so skin stays bright, even, and refreshed.”

AVOID OILS: Prevent patches by staying away from oils and oil-based products that break down the color.

GIVE YOURSELF A BOOST: Build color back up as it begins to fade with a gradual self-tanner or tan booster to keep your tan looking fresh. “A little DHA goes a long way,” she says. “Try St. Tropez Gradual Tan Plus Firming or our Tan Booster.”

GET AN INSTANT GLOW: Illuminators are a great way to help the skin look glowy,” Joss says. Apply a shimmery highlighter on the collarbone, the tops of the shoulders, and the center of your legs. “It will make you look long and lean.” Also, accentuate your tan by wearing white clothing or red lipstick. “Colors like bright coral, bubblegum pink, and summer yellow draws the pigment out of the tan to make it look stronger.”

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