The Sephora Glossy: Shiseido Ibuki Collection, Skincare Made for Millennials

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OK, so we’re not very well-adjusted, but at least our skin can be.

Hi, my name is Renee, and I’m a Millennial. Yup, I’m a disillusioned twenty-something on my second job, no dependents, and my daily news is delivered to me via social media. We Millennials get a bad rep, but at least we no longer have to struggle with bad skin. Shiseido’s new Ibuki skincare collection aims to help us oily, dry, aging, stressed, acne-prone 25-to-34 year olds. Here, we break down the eight-piece collection that combats the inevitable skin stressors of the Millennial lifestyle. RENEE TRILIVAS

Gentle Cleanser: With all the late nights at the office during the week and the partying until the wee hours of the morning on weekends, sometimes we Millennials forget the basics. Gross, I know, but we’ve gone to bed without washing our faces more than we’d like to admit. This mild cleanser lathers into a rich foam that unclogs pores by washing away daily oil and grime, making us actually want to wash our faces.

Purifying Cleanser: We Millennials tend to get ourselves into a lot of sticky situations, and when our micromanaging helicopter parents aren’t at arms’ reach, we need some help scrubbing away the filth—even on our face. This invigorating scrub enlists microgranules to gently buff away dead surface cells.

Softening Concentrate: We barely get enough liquids in our system each day to stay hydrated (no, beer doesn’t count), so moisturizing usually falls by the wayside. This unique, silky fluid infuses skin with ultramoisturizing emollients, leaving it as soft and dewy as those obnoxious Gen-Z-ers.

Refining Moisturizer: Some people say that Millennials are in an unending twilight zone between adolescence and adulthood, and it certainly feels that way when it comes to our skin. Pimples still sprout up on our chin while fine lines begin to etch themselves into our forehead. To battle blemishes and the first signs of aging—dryness, discoloration, and enlarged pores—this lightweight lotion uses a blend of peony root, lempuyang, and witch hazel extract.

Refining Moisturizer Enriched: Let’s face it, Millennials need a little more attention than other generations—we blame our parents and teachers for constantly telling us we’re “special.” This rich, coddling cream definitely gives our skin the love it needs. It uses a potent combination of humectants and oils to help plump cells with moisture for up to a full 24 hours.

Protective Moisturizer SPF18: We Millennials flock to the city for its culture, and also because the ‘burbs are for the baby boomers. But living in an urban area has its downside—namely pollution. This multitasking moisturizer shields skin from damaging air pollutants and UV rays, plus it delivers an instant glow with subtle gold and red reflecting powders.

Eye Correcting Cream: We have a habit of staying out until four in the morning and gorging on pizza when we finally get back to our apartments, er, parents’ house. This cooling eye cream gives us the instant gratification the social media generation expects: it helps deflate our subsequent under-eye bags by improving microcirculation and instantly brightens dark circles with light-enhancing powder. Because hey, #YOLO!

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