The Sephora Glossy: The World According to Maison Martin Margiela’s Replica Collection

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The Sephora Glossy takes a fragrance flight around the globe with the famed French fashion house.

Every season Maison Martin Margiela scours the world for unique clothing and accessories to duplicate in their coveted Replica collection. “They represent our interest in highly functional and emotive garments,” says Maison Martin Margiela, “The character and charm of these pieces, which are hand-picked throughout the world, are preserved.” The artisanal design house recently translated this timeless concept into perfume with six coveted scents. Here, we get a peek into each perfume’s provenance from the collection’s noses. RENEE TRILIVAS


The Scent: Promenade in the Gardens

The Notes: Coriander Oil, Freesia Accord, Peony Accord, Turkish Rose, Patchouli Heart
Note from the Nose: “I was walking in a garden in Oxfordshire and was dazzled by this idealized vision of nature,” says master perfumer Carlos Benaim. “The calm waters of the lake, the bucolic lawns, groves, and the fantastic aura of roses and jasmine…all of my senses were captivated by this idyllic landscape.”

The Scent: Lazy Sunday Morning

The Notes: Pear Accord, Iris Accord, Rose Petals, Indonesian Patchouli, White Woods
Note from the Nose: “In the beginning, there was color: white—luminous, virginal, immaculate. That was my challenge: how to convey the sensations of a color in a scent,” says perfumer-designer Louise Turner.

The Scent: Jazz Club

The Notes: Primofiore Lemon, Pink Pepper, Rum Absolute, Tobacco Leaf Absolute, Vanilla Bean
Note from the Nose: “What an incredible presence these New York jazz clubs have!” says perfumer-designer Aliénor Massenet. “[They are] melting pots of masculine scents, as exhilarating as the aroma of cigars, leather, whiskey, and rum…to illustrate this ambiance, I used a rum cocktail, vetiver, tobacco leaves, and vanilla pod.”

The Scent: Flower Market

The Notes: Crushed Leaves, Sambac Jasmine, Tuberose Infusion, Peach, Oak Moss
Note from the Nose: “It is a bouquet of textures,” says perfumer Jacques Cavallier, “A harmony where no flower overpowers another and beneath which one detects a touch of cedar and moss.”

The Scent: Funfair Evening

The Notes: Toffee Apple, Star Anise, Orange Blossom Infusion, Tahitian Vanilla, Caramel Candy
Note from the Nose: “So that they can be enjoyed without becoming overwhelming, sweeter notes need contrast,” explains Cavallier. “Here, it is musky and amber notes, as well as bittersweet petitgrain that gives relief.”

The Scent: Beach Walk

The Notes: Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Coconut Milk, Musk, Cedar Wood
Note from the Nose: “Once united, these notes create an accord with an almost maternal softness,” says Cavallier.




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