The Sephora Glossy: Sephora + Pantone Universe Color of the Year Face Chart Challenge Winners

Get inspired with six unique ways to wear Radiant Orchid with our favorite face charts from our cast.


To celebrate the 2014 Color of the Year, our talented cast showcased their matchless artistry skills in an exclusive Face Chart Challenge. From countless applicants, Artistry Ambassador for North America Aaron De Mey and the senior leadership team at Sephora HQ chose these six standout looks. We love the punky-purple lips (complete with orchid tattoos!) by Alison Lodato at Walden Galleria, “Smoky Orchid” eyes from SoHo’s Christina Vega, smoldering lids by Taylor Norbeck of Caesar’s Palace, hazy flushed lips by Breanna Senchik of Canada’s St. Vital store, blushing lavender cheeks by Lincoln Park’s Briana Hurley, and pink-halo eyes by Annette Barreto of Stonestown.

Customize your unique Radiant Orchid look with our Color of the Year collection now.


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