The Sephora Glossy: Prada Candy Florale

Discover how the indulgent fragrance blooms with fresh florals in Prada’s most covetable Candy yet.


Sometimes sequels don’t live up to the original, but Prada Candy Florale is one sweet exception. “With the introduction of Prada Candy Florale, we experience [the character of] Candy as more sensual and free than ever before,” says perfumer Daniela Andrier. “[She is] confident in herself and confident in her sensuality.” This sparkling scent combines rich caramel with the brightness of just-picked flowers for an entirely new taste. “The fragrance has a touch of lightness and airiness, followed by powdery, tender, and almost rose-like notes. It finishes with just a hint of warmth,” she says. Here, we spell out the sweet somethings captured in Candy Florale. RENEE TRILIVAS

F is for the FLOWER that started it all. Inspired by the beauty of a white wildflower known as Cosmos, this tender fragrance blossoms with effervescent floral notes.

L is for LIGHTHEARTEDNESS. This bubbly blend of zesty cedrat, peony, benzoin, caramel, and white musk captures the bold nature of playful confidence.

O is for the obsessed-over ORIGINAL perfume. The decadent Candy Eau de Parfum, the first of three in the Candy collection, is spiked with lush vanilla for a modern take on sophisticated sweets.

R is for ROMANCE, reimagined. From the reinterpreted design of the Art Deco bottle to the perfume’s rosy-pink aura, this scent uplifts suggestive seduction to a coquettish fling.

A is for ADDICTIVE. Just like real candy, this sexy scent delivers a delectable rush of femininity and limitless freedom that you just can’t get enough of.

L is for liquid LUXURY. The iconic fashion house’s newest fragrance is just as stylish and wearable as its lavish pieces that walk the runways.

E is for pure ENERGY. Florale is bursting with timeless liveliness and magnetic dynamism, perfect for daring women of all ages.




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