The Sephora Glossy: Perricone MD’s No Makeup Skincare Collection

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We take a closer glimpse at the Sephora-exclusive line that delivers a coveted I-woke-up-like-this look.

We all aspire to roll out of bed and emerge from a restful slumber with glowing skin, flushed cheeks, bright eyes, and rosy lips—but there’s a fine line between no makeup and a no-makeup makeup look. Unfortunately, our first-thing-in-the-morning face can sometimes be more frightening than flawless. Enter the answer to our prayers: Perricone MD’s new No Makeup Skincare collection, a seven-piece lineup of subtle perfectors for the face, cheeks, lips, and lashes. These makeup-skin-care hybrids immediately conceal imperfections while providing long-term benefits with powerful skin-care ingredients to restore skin’s youthful glow. We examined the innovative line that leaves you bare, but better. RENEE TRILIVAS

WHY TRY IT: Fake a perfect complexion with this undetectable two-in-one base. Packed with antiagers, such as firming neuropeptides and color-correcting vitamin C ester, this velvet-finish fluid covers flaws while helping to address them.
HOW TO APPLY IT: Shake the bottle before dispensing three to four drops into your hand, then use your fingertips to dot, press, and blend the serum over the face.
TIP: Warm up your foundation shade with a drop of No Bronzer Bronzer, or add more to deepen the hue. Use the palm of your hand as a mixing palette.

WHY TRY IT: This pigmented treatment provides weightless coverage and a dewy finish with a blend of broad-spectrum, mineral-based SPF; antioxidant-rich alpha lipoic acid to help minimize the look of fine lines; and vitamin C ester to optically diffuse red, yellow, and blue undertones.
HOW TO APPLY IT: Shake well before evenly applying two to three drops over the entire face.
TIP: Create a custom color specifically suited to your skintone by blending two foundation hues.

WHY TRY IT: Disguise flaws with this supercharged concealer: It locks in moisture with hyaluronic acid while microcirculatory agents help reduce the appearance of dark circles.
HOW TO APPLY IT: Dot the concealer along the lower contours of the undereye area and blend outward. For a shadow base, pat the concealer on the lids with your ring finger.
TIP: Try using the concealer to illuminate the high planes of the face—the inner corners of the eyes, between the brows, along the bridge of the nose, and on the tops of the cheekbones—for a sculpted radiance.

WHY TRY IT: Get a healthy glow and a contoured complexion without creating sun damage. This breathable bronzer instantly revives the skin with adaptable color that mimics natural melanocytes, the cells that give skin its natural tone. Bonus: With SPF 30, it helps protect against future environmental damage.
HOW TO APPLY IT: Shake well; dispense one to two drops on your fingertips; rub together; and gently pat onto your forehead, nose, chin, and under the cheekbones where the sun naturally hits the face.
TIP: Dab the bronzer along your jawline, and blend down your neck for a defined effect.

WHY TRY IT: This self-adjusting blush imparts a potent pop of luminous color and helps lift and tone cheeks with firming antiagers.
HOW TO APPLY IT: Blend one to three dots on the apples of the cheeks, smoothing the pigment with your fingertips upward toward the hairline.
TIP: Prep lips for color by patting two drops of blush onto the mouth for an understated, stained look.

WHY TRY IT: With hyaluronic spheres and vitamin E, this solid-serum lipstick nurtures, moisturizes, and smooths dry lips while adding a lively hint of color.
HOW TO APPLY IT: Swipe this tinted treatment over lips for a sheer wash of blushing color. Toss it in your bag to reapply throughout the day to condition lips and amp up your natural color.
: For a bolder look, layer on this buttery lipstick until you reach your desired saturation.

WHY TRY IT: Get fuller, longer lashes with this fringe-boosting mascara. Its biotin-rich formula nurtures lashes and helps promote hair growth. Plus, the dual-faced brush lifts, lengthens, and volumizes lashes in one sweep.
HOW TO APPLY IT: Wiggle the short bristles at the roots to build thickness, then rotate the brush so the firm, longer bristles comb through the lashes for a wide-eyed look.
TIP: Get defined doll eyes by skimming the short bristles over the lower lashes.



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