The Sephora Glossy: Seasonal Skincare Solves

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Discover how to boost your beauty regimen for a fall of flawlessness.


“Fall is a time when you really need to pay attention to your skin’s needs,” says senior brand strategist Jamie Anderson. “Given the weather can be so erratic—cool one day, hot the next—it’s really a ‘shoulder’ season that requires you to have flexibility in your routine. That’s why it’s the perfect time of year to incorporate ‘booster’ products, like beauty oils, essences and masks, so that day to day you can adjust as necessary.” Read on to learn how to customize your daily skincare set to suit the season. RENEE TRILIVAS

Why should you change your skincare routine in the fall?
If you’re facing cooling temperatures with the change of season, the combination of cooler weather with dry, indoor heat can compromise your skin’s protective outer layer. Your skin can be more vulnerable and dehydrated, fine lines and wrinkles may appear more prominent, you might notice an appeared loss of plumpness and firmness, and oftentimes redness can be an issue.

How can you help your skin deal with these seasonal changes?
If you’ve been using a foaming, gel, or soapy cleanser, try adding a drop of moisturizing beauty oil each time you wash your face. This is also a great time of year to add a skin-softening essence to your routine. Applying it directly after cleansing, and prior to your moisturizer, will boost hydration and give skin a cushiony softness. You could also try a hydrating mask. Used several times a week, you’ll give your skin some extra needed moisture without the need to completely change out all your skincare products from summer.

What sort of state is skin usually in after a summer of sun, sweat, saltwater, and more?
Given the amount of time we spend outdoors and in the sun, dark spots and uneven skintone are very common. Fall can be a great time of year to add a peel into your routine, or even a dark spot corrector, as these can both help reduce the appearance of any sun damage picked up over the summer. Note: use of these types of products can make your skin photosensitive—but come autumn, you’ll likely be spending significantly less time catching rays at the pool, which makes it a perfect time to try a brightener. Even as the weather takes a turn for the cold, be sure you avoid the last of the sunny days post-peel, and as always, make sure to wear an SPF formula.

Any tips for selecting a sunscreen that’s best for the fall season?
People believe that as long as they are not exposed to the sun long enough to risk a sunburn, they don’t need sunscreen. But incidental sun exposure definitely adds up! Select one that’s a moisturizer plus sunscreen, as this is a great way to add some additional hydration to the skin while staying protected. I like to think of sunscreen and foundation as the ‘dynamic duo.’ And don’t forget your lips: Select a balm that includes SPF.


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