The Sephora Glossy: The Geo-Ombre Manicure

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Learn how to create this dimensional look in 9 simple steps.

Refresh your ombré for fall with this Formula X nail tutorial featuring the Brushed Metallics collection of matte metallic lacquers and The System. In today’s post, we break down how to recreate this futuristic look by Parris Hodges of TopCoat Nail Studio in San Francisco. RENEE TRILIVAS

STEP ONE: Prep nails with CLEANSE Nail Cleanser.
STEP TWO: Apply PRIME Base Coat and let it dry for two minutes.
STEP THREE: Paint two coats of Singularity, a matte-metallic lavender gray, to each nail and let dry for two minutes.
STEP FOUR: Dip a makeup sponge into a drop of Prophecy, a matte-metallic cobalt blue, and randomly dab onto nails.
STEP FIVE: Repeat step four with Spectacle, a matte-metallic raspberry, and Destiny, a shade-shifting sky blue, to create a blended effect.
STEP SIX: Paint White Matter, a paper white, from the side of the nail to the tip with a thin eyeliner brush.
STEP SEVEN: Repeat step six with a second white line, parallel to the first.
STEP EIGHT: Starting from the opposite side of the nail, repeat step seven, intersecting the two lines.
STEP NINE: With an eyeliner brush, apply topcoat over only the three white lines for a subtle sheen.


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