The Sephora Glossy: My Burberry Eau de Parfum

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Discover the quintessentially British inspiration behind the brand’s latest scent.


Burberry is practically synonymous with the trench coat. Patented by Thomas Burberry in 1912, the brand continues to be inspired by the classic coat intrinsically linked to the famed London rain. “My Burberry is the true embodiment of our brand: in scent, in design, and in attitude,” says Burberry Chief Creative and Chief Executive Officer Christopher Bailey. “[It’s] a fragrance that takes its lead from the iconic Burberry trench has to be outstanding in every way,” he says. Here, we dissect the dreamy perfume crafted after the timeless British staple. RENEE TRILIVAS

The understated scent takes its title from the affectionate nickname people commonly use for their Burberry trench coat.

With notes of sweet pea, geranium, freesia, damask rose, and patchouli, this floral fragrance bottles the magical scent of a London garden after the rain—the perfect spot to sport your trench.

Capturing a honey-hued fragrance that nods to the coat’s color palette, the elegant bottle reflects the intricate design of the iconic outerwear. Two distinct details are the horn-finish cap that echoes its buttons and the hand-tied knot of English-woven gabardine that honors the fabric Thomas Burberry invented over 100 years ago.


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