The Sephora Glossy: Pharrell Williams on GIRL

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The influential musician introduces us to GIRL, his debut scent created in collaboration with Comme des Garçons Parfum.

What happens when a music and style icon teams up with the hottest avant-garde fashion house? GIRL–the new scent for girls and boys from producer Pharrell Williams and Comme des Garçons—is born. Inspired by the rich, distinctive scent of wood, this unique fragrance features a harmonious blend of masculine and feminine notes. The modern eau de parfum is composed with neroli, iris, and sandalwood and housed in a one-of-a-kind, collector’s edition bottle with never-before-seen artwork by KAWS. The Sephora Glossy caught up with Williams to find out more about the stylish scent that captures the beat of music, fashion, and art’s finest. RENEE TRILIVAS

Why did you decide to create a fragrance?
I chose to make a fragrance now because I was given an opportunity. It was with my favorite brand Comme des Garçons, so it was an honor. They are your favorite designer’s favorite designers. What else could I say except ‘yes’ and ‘thank you’?

What was the inspiration for the fragrance?
Women were the inspiration, but it’s unisex, so it’s made for everyone. You can’t really put parameters on what we wear. Comme des Garçons CEO Adrian Joffe added ‘for boys and girls’—it was his way of telling the story of unisex.

How did you decide on the name of the fragrance? It’s also the name of your sophomore album.
It just made the most sense. It was the genesis of a revelation that I had: that women were going to be my primary focus for a while because they were the ones that had been such an incredible and relentless inspiration.

Did you have any specific visions when creating the fragrance?
I just knew that wood had to be an integral part of it. Once I smelled the Comme fragrances and saw their processes and the way they approached scent, I knew what I wanted.

What was your experience testing the scents? I heard your wife, Helen, also helped in the process.
I still can’t describe the sensation—that’s what’s so magical about it. As far as my wife smelling it, well, why not ask the one who is going to smell it on me the most? We wear a lot of the same things.

Did you ever find yourself comparing creating a fragrance to creating music?
Collaborating on a scent is different from other collaborations because basically the air is the canvas, and in music, the sheet music is where the notes go. When you’re listening to music, again it’s in the air, but it’s from an auditory point of view. This was different because this was an art of the olfactory sense. So, while I don’t know the most about it, I was honored to learn from people who are really good at what they do and it’s also the brand that I respect.


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