MYSA by FOREO: January 2016 Birchbox Man Review

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Inside the January 2016 Birchbox Man

From a texture-transforming face wash to a luxury leather tray, here’s our take on the January 2016 Birchbox Man, featuring FOREO’s Cleanser for Men.

The All-Purpose Box

The simple and sturdy brown box with a pullout black drawer is simple and sturdy—perfect for storing keepsakes, chargers, cords, or the many mini products from Birchbox.


The Refreshing Face Wash

The FOREO Cleanser for Men is formulated with a powerful punch of hydrothermal volcanic minerals and moringa extract to hydrate, detoxify, and revitalize skin. Specifically designed for men and spiked with nutrients, this cool black gel transforms into a thick foam when used with the ultra effective LUNA™ 2 for Men. Plus, the purifying formula is perfect to wake up your skin in the morning or post workout.


The Funky-Flavored Toothpaste 

Basic mint is boring. The Marvis Cinnamon Mint Toothpaste features a burst of exotic cinnamon sweetness with invigorating mint. Perfect to use with our ISSA™ sonic-pulse toothbrush, this creamy paste freshens breath and helps prevent tooth decay, plaque, and tartar buildup.

January 2016 Birchbox Man in Octovo tray

The Skin-Soothing Cream

Crafted with tingly combination of eucalyptus oil and menthol, the Proraso Pre-Shave Cream is a signature Italian staple. In addition to being the heritage brand’s original pre-shave cream, it’s also still a bestseller thanks to its calming, skin-prepping properties.


The Super-Charged Serum

The Lab Series Future Rescue Repair Serum combats visible signs of aging in four ways: it defends against environmental aggressors, removes dead surface cells, fortifies skin’s protective barrier, and helps stimulate the skin’s natural repair process. Short on time? Massage it in just one minute with the LUNA™ 2 for Men’s advanced anti-aging mode.


The Cool, Catchall Tray

File this tray under things you never knew you needed. The Octovo Valet Tray is made of plush, chrome-tanned leather and lined with soft felt to keep your wallet, keys, and phone screen scratch-free. Just leave it by your door or bedside table to always keep track of your pocket essentials. Bonus: it unsnaps to lie flat so it’s ready to go on any travel adventure that you are.


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