Best Celebrity Smiles

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Nothing is more infectious than an amazing smile. From perfect pearly-whites to endearingly crooked chompers and other so-called “imperfections,” these are the celebrity smiles that are sure to make you break out into a grin. (Cover image:

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 12.27.32 PM.png

Lauren Hutton

File this famous 1970s model’s smile under “perfectly imperfect.” Lauren Hutton’s signature smile features a gorgeous gap—way before it was trending in fashion (we’re talking to you, Lara Stone and Georgia May Jagger). The “flaw” caused such controversy that Hutton would wear a prosthetic insert to fashion shoots to disguise the gap—but times have changed. The look has become the coveted model’s calling card to this day.

Lindsey Wixson

The Kansas-born model is known for her pouty, heart-shaped lips and gapped front teeth. And whether you’re a fan or not, huge names in fashion (including Chanel, Versace, Alexander McQueen, and more) have featured her and her quirky teeth in global campaigns.

Cindy Crawford

Framed by that signature mole, supermodel Cindy Crawford’s smile wins the award for sexiest look, hands down. From her ‘90s days strutting down the runway to hitting the red carpet today with her beautiful children, Crawford’s radiant smile remains ageless.

Julia Roberts

This next celeb is known for her amazing acting as well as her megawatt smile. Julia Roberts’s famous smile is reportedlyinsured for $30 million, but what makes it so alluring? Even Roberts herself says it’s impossible to explain its appeal—though some may try.

Drew Barrymore

Some say this wild-child-actor-turned-beauty-mogul’s smile is lopsided—but we think it’s perfect. But Barrymore admits it’s a tad crooked and even went so far as to say she would “learn how to stop talking out of the side of [her] mouth” and alter her own mannerisms for the part of Edith Bouvier Beale in the 2009 film Grey Gardens. Her method acting paid off: she won “Best Actress” at the Golden Globes.

Heidi Klum

We love it when models swap their signature scowl for a smile, and model-slash-TV-host-slash-businesswoman Heidi Klum loves to show off her bright, white teeth. She always strikes a smile so widely, you can see both the top and bottom rows of perfect teeth. And Klum loves her teeth as much as we do, admitting shekept every tooth she’s lost since childhood.

Kristen Stewart

This Twilight starlet isn’t known for breaking out the smile on the red carpet—or to the paparazzi—or just, er, in general—but we love it when she does. She knows that her a shot of her smiling is a rarity and likes to break out her sweet yet slightly coy smiles in private.


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