Kristen Stewart at the Los Angeles Film Festival

Here is Kristen Stewart at the “A Better Life” premiere at the Los Angeles Film Festival. In my opinion, this is the best she’s ever looked! Dark rinse skinny jeans, black v-neck, peep toes, and copper locks–I think she looks simple and sexy. And apparently, her makeup is all CoverGirl! What do you think of her fuss-free look?


The Moral Conflict of Romanticizing the Legend of Ned Kelly

“Ned Kelly is one badass motherfucker,” one of my peers said, walking out the Old Melbourne Gaol where the Australian outlaw spent his last days before his execution on November 11th 1880. Prior to relocating to Australia, I never heard of Ned Kelly, yet once I heard his story I found myself eagerly hoisting the fiberglass replica of his iron armor over my head, peering out of the rectangular slit, slinging my hands in the air mimicking the shape of revolvers.
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Hilken Mancini of Girls Rock Camp

Hilken Mancini is up on stage at Cambridge’s T.T. the Bear’s. Her pale spider monkey arms linked to lissome fingers that scrupulously strum a glossy, cherry-red guitar. She seldom takes her wide, green eyes off the guitar’s neck to emerge from under a curtain of blonde fringe. She belts out a cover of the Go-Betweens’ “Rock and Roll Friend” with fellow ‘90s rocker Mary Lou Lord before rocking out on guitar and later thumping on drums, stomping her caramel-colored boots all over the stage with her all-female band, Shepherdess.

But Mancini does more than put on a good show. Last year she co-founded the Jamaica Plain-based Girls Rock Camp, a non-profit organization that teaches girls aged eight to 16 to form a rock band, write an original song, and perform it live at T.T. the Bear’s—all in a single week. “If I were to pick up a trombone right now, I’d probably be really bad at it. You don’t have to be destroyed because you failed the first time you tried something new.” But this concept is foreign to the campers. “It’s insane to them,” Mancini says. “I’m gonna have to learn how to play an instrument?” she says, mimicking the voice of a teenage girl. “And then I’m gonna be in a band? And then I’m gonna write a song? And then I’m gonna get onstage in front of my parents, and my grandparents, and my best friends?”

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Weapons of Mass Deliciousness: Foolproof Recipes for Your Culinary Arsenal

Originally published for STUFF Magazine. Read the article online here.

Our new Guy issue’s “Best Men” feature outlines some key skills dudes should have at their disposal, offering local experts’ cheat sheets for the bedroom, the bar, and, yep, the kitchen. We’ve already laid out one easy-to-whip-up recipe, but perhaps shrimp ceviche tacos aren’t your cup of tequila. If so, master one of these other go-to goof-proof recipes from the pros, claim it as your own signature dish, and you’ll always be prepared to prove your culinary prowess in those oh-crap-my-date’s-arriving-in-an-hour scenarios. It’s a sure way to impress your lady (or gentleman) friend — seasoning, searing, and sautéing skills are sexy, any way you slice it.

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How To Go On a Yoga Retreat

It’s easy to imagine yourself confidently stretching your arms over your head and folding your legs in some intense yoga pose on a sandy Bali beach, but going on a yoga retreat requires more preparation than a once over of Eat, Pray, Love.

Why Take a Yoga Retreat:

“Yoga retreats are for everyone,” says Ganga Grace, the director of the Himalayan Yoga Institute in London.  People usually go on yoga retreats to relax; it is a vacation after all. The main goal of a yoga retreat is relaxation and rejuvenation of your body, mind, and spirit, as well as learning healthier habits and improving your yoga and meditation skills with like-minded people. Participants must be willing to make a complete break from their daily life to engage in healthy activities and should reintegrate these habits into their lives back home. Yoga retreats are an ideal environment for healing and change because there is ample opportunity to reflect and to restore health. Simply connecting with like-minded people can help your renewal.

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