Stuff We Love: Kiel James Patrick

Check out my blurb on Rhode Island designer Kiel James Patrick featured in Stuff magazine. Click below for larger text, or read it online here.

Screw spring. We’re already looking ahead to New England summers: those long, sweltering days spent sailing on the Cape, followed by breezy evenings of clambakes and bonfires. (Damn, it feels good to be a… Kennedy?) Okay, so our preppy local color isn’t for everyone — and besides, salmon-colored trousers can’t suit everyone’s skin tone. But we’re still mighty impressed with the designs of Kiel James Patrick, a Rhode Island native who began reworking vintage pieces back in his prep school days. Today he continues to combine preppy staples, such as austere family tartans, sunny madras prints, and nautical icons like cherry-red lobsters and silver anchors, into bracelets and belts. And he pays homage to all-American royalty (princesses named Buffy and Muffy, that is) with the preppy girl’s crown — the headband — in designs echoing collegiate stripes and nautical knots. His distinctive accessories, constructed from locally sourced silks, fabrics, leather, and trademark brass buttons, are now available not only throughout New England, but also worldwide. (How do you think they say WASP in Japanese?) But locally, you can find his designs at Flat of the Hill (60 Charles Street, Boston, 617.619.9977). Sounds like a good opportunity to do some prep work for our summer closets.

Coco Mademoiselle, The Film

I’ve been sniffing around the perfume aisles for some inspiration in anticipation of my custom blending fragrance appointment. And I’ve been known to fall heavily in love with scents sheerly based on their adverts. Sofia Coppola genius 46-second Miss Dior Chérie advert set of to the flirty French “Moi Je Joue” by Brigitte Bardot, will always be a favorite, especially preceded by the lackluster replacement starring Natalie Portman (but again a terrific, archetypal French thankless love chanson “Je T’aime…Moi Non Plus” by Serge Gainsbourg and his next lover, Jane Birkin).

When I saw this print ad for Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle starring English rose Kiera Knightly, I thought I was in for another great perfume film was going to be the next Golden Globe-worthy picture.

Check out the newest big-budget perfume advert Kiera Knightly starring in Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle film. Knightly is bathed in amber light with amazing makeup and a thick, perfectly arched brow. She looks so innately strong, sensual, and ready to zoom off on a moped. I am not a huge fan of the film advert though; I think it’s a combination of Knightly’s masculine bone structure and boyish figure that makes her more Girl With The Dragon Tattoo action star than a super-sexy femme fatale.

Check it out below:

A Comparison of Classical Punk & Contemporary Rockabilly Female Fashion

The Rock ’n’ Roll and Alternative Market in Tempe was a sea of swinging kittens jiving out to Elvis Presley in their sky-high patent pumps, skin-tight pencil skirts, flirty sweetheart tops and of course, cherry-red lips. Most of the female rockabillies were sucked into their Sydney subculture through this stereotypical 1950s style. Pia Anderson of Vintage Allsorts, a performance based production agency that specializes in vintage culture, says her passion for rockabilly started when she started working at a fancy dress shop at 15: “I found myself going back through the decades and when I finally reached the 50s I was completely hooked.”  Anderson believes the 1950s style “epitomizes the most attractive features of period design: bold shapes, bright colors, brave patterns, and above all sheer exuberance and a sense of fun…my passion for the 1950s is about the aesthetics and also an appreciation for the etiquette, manners and the simple pleasures that were not taken for granted as the slower pace of life meant that people had time to enjoy them.” Anderson stresses her interest was a result of her thirst for luxury, extravagance, and glamour.

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Fashionista in Chains

It is officially summer Fashionistas and Fashionistos! Congratulations to all the lovely BU graduates! This Fashionista is rocking the perfect evening look for all of your classy newly graduate celebrations. She has edged up her little black dress, classic black blazer, and peep toe patent leather pumps with a double dose of heavy metal—but this time, in the form of ultra-modern chains. She has mixed a long, layered gold chain necklace with a cream, Chanel-inspired purse for a cool yet classy look.

To touch on the current denim trend, try this gold chain necklace weaved with frayed denim by Forever 21. For a similar purse, try this accented metallic gold chain bag covered in crystals. Also check out this feathered chain necklace for a breezy Boho chic vibe.

For those relaxing fun-in-the-sun beach days, slip on this subtly-chained orange bikini paired with this super sweet under the sea charm bracelet by Betsey Johnson. Cover up with this highlighter tank top and don’t forget these Gaga-esque tortoise sunglasses!

Hint: Pick longer chain necklaces to lengthen your neck and make yourself look taller and thinner.

Let’s not forget about the Fashionistos! Check out these amazing biker boots to add a little chain to your style.

Summer Beauty Picks:

For those scorching summer rays, switch up your normal moisturizer to one with more intense sun protection like Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar with SPF 20. Gloopy lip gloss can easily melt in the hot sun, so to ensure your lip color won’t smudge try this lip stain that keeps your lips hydrated in the humidity. Also try a non-budge, no smudge mascara like Dior Show Waterproof Mascara that will stay put all day long.

My pedicure pick is Sephora by OPI Nail Polish in the coral hue Cover Me In Petals and try Lancome’s Flash Bronzer for a natural looking tan without sizzling your skin.

Lastly, don’t neglect your strands from the strong Summer sun! Protect your tresses with Oscar Blandi’s Capri Sun-Shield Spray.

I’ve had an indescribably fantastic time writing and photographing for College Fashionista is year! Thanks for reading, I hope you all have an amazing summer Fashionistas and Fashionistos and never forget to…

Style On,

Renee Trilivas

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Hipster Disney Princess

Every Fashionista has her favorite Disney princess and dreamed of being a graceful Disney princess as a little girl, complete with prince charming, her triumph over those who doubted her, and happily ever after in a humongous European castle–all with envy-inducing outfits and flawless hair.

The fantastical world of Walt Disney will stay in this Fashionista’s heart forever. She is wearing a playful, oversized white tank top with colorful, smiling Disney characters teamed with a pair of denim cut-offs and buckled, leather boots. To get her edgy-yet-sweet look try these youthful options:

Cutesy Basics:

Classic Disney:

Animated Pieces:

Colorful Extras:

Hint: To find even more Disney wear, try scouring your local thrift store or you can even revive an old Disney sweatshirt by cutting the collar off a baggy sweatshirt to make a Flashdance 80’s style piece.

Style On,

Renee Trilivas

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Electric Mix

This Fashionista boldly mixed and matched two spring trends: simple stripes and accent accessories–and the result is electric. She’s teamed a relaxed-fit, black and white Zara striped dress with  faux snakeskin wedges. These bright wedges bring some pop to the ensemble with the firey red stones, cool blue gems, and rocker studs.

For killer kicks like this Fashionista, try these similar hint of fuchsia wedges or these coral caged wedges.

Also try pairing a striped dancer dress with a lively three-tiered necklace or a striped knit cami with dangling turquoise earrings or stack on a few of these upbeat bangles.

Hint: Echo your daring accessories adventurous vibe in your beauty routine. Try a fierce red like Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in Dragon or this Dior lipgloss in Hot Pink.

Style On,

Renee Trilivas

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21st Century Kid

This Fashionisto is wearing a hunter green blazer layered over a black tank with shredded denim. He topped off the look with a cranberry-colored fedora, a bold, silver eagle pendent, stacks of black leather bracelets, and distressed brown oxfords. His look is casual but still fashionable and colorful by accessorizing basic wardrobe pieces with bold, unique accessories.

To pull off your own fab I-just-threw-this-on look try:

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Renee Trilivas

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