Words of Wisdom from Mom

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The best advice undoubtedly comes from mom. Her life experience and infinite wisdom on relationshipswork, and everything in between is priceless. So in honor of Mother’s Day, we’ve collected the best batch of perspective from mommy dearest. Mom, consider this our collective thank you for raising us right.

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MYSA by FOREO: Nicole Trilivas Talks Girls Who Travel

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I learned everything I know about traveling from my older sister. Some gems of knowledge: When staying in a 20-person hostel, always go for the top bunk; always learn the phrases “hello,” “one,” “please,” “thank you,” and “bathroom” in your destination’s native tongue; and never be afraid to go on an adventure. Now, my sister—author Nicole Trilivas—is bringing more travel tales to life in her debut novel, Girls Who Travel.  I spoke with my London-based sister to get the scoop on the lighthearted travel-based book.

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5 Ways To Unplug from Social Media

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MYSA by FOREO: The 9 Best Looks We Saw at New York Fashion Week Spring 2016

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New York Fashion Week is known for its quirky-and-cool catwalk creations, even wilder sidewalk styles, and Page Six-worthy parties. This season was no different: Here are our favorite moments from the Big Apple style scene.

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MYSA by FOREO: Pro Athletes Pre-Game Rituals


Professional athletes are basically super-humans. They throw baseballs at 100 miles per hour on the field, dunk awe-inspiring baskets on the court, and score the winning touchdown on Super Bowl Sunday—all in front of millions of cheering fans and heckling rivals. So, how do these herculean heroes muster up the guts and glory to compete? Read on to discover the pre-game rituals of the world-class athletes.

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MYSA by FOREO: Coffee Companies’ CEOs and Their Favorite Morning Drink

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Most of us can’t imagine starting off our day with a piping hot cup of joe. Whether it’s a freshly brewed Ethiopian blend (black, of course), a creamy caffè latte, or a sugary-sweet Coconut Crème Frappuccino (containing not a drop of coffee), our java drink of choice tells the world (or at least the barista) who we are. But what do the coffee connoisseurs and head honchos of the multibillion-dollar industry sip on each a.m.? Click through to find out.

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