Charity, Whiskey, and Rock’n’Roll

Photo by Nicole Zwicker

Holed up in his Birmingham, Alabama apartment, singer-songwriter Matthew Mayfield sits up sifting through lyrics scrawled on bar napkins and melodies at three in the morning, accompanied only by a guitar, his computer, and of course, whiskey.

Despite being an unsigned artist, Mayfield has an exceptionally wide range of fans. He recently played in one of the largest music American festivals, SXSW in Austin Texas, where he scored the number six spot list of the top ten artists with the fastest growing buzz at the festival on music analytics website Next Big Sound.

Since the break-up of his major-label band, Moses Mayfield, in December 2007, Mayfield has gone solo to self-release six EPs entitled The FireFive Chances Remain Hers, Maybe Next Christmas, Better, Breathe Out In BlackMan-Made Machines, and You’re Not Home.

The musician discussed his inspirations, challenges and his own twist on charity-giving in a phone interview.

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Matthew Mayfield: Golden Opportunity Video Podcast

Hello lovely readers! I just finished my video podcast on singer/songwriter Matthew Mayfield! He was kind enough to do a phone interview with me and share some superb video footage to edit and play around with. I worked really hard to create this video, but also had a blast making it, so I hope everyone enjoys it!

Entire Feed of 2010 Redstone Film Festival Live Blog 02/26/2010

The Redstone Film Festival, BU’s annual student showcase of undergraduate and graduate films will take place tonight at the Tsai Performance Center. After several rounds of judging, seven films made it to Wednesday’s presentation, three of which will be awarded cash prizes and the prestige of winning.

“These students have poured so much of themselves into this,” said Scott Thompson, a BU Assistant Professor in Screenwriting and also the Redstone Film Festival Coordinator. “To be a part of helping them get exposure to their work is exciting.”

Thompson said this year the Festival chose the winners from a pool of approximately 35 entries, about half of which were chosen to be screened by this year’s panel of judges, who are industry professionals. This year’s judges were Peter Keough, Film Editor for The Boston Phoenix, Laura Bernieri, Producer/Director at Tin Can Films, and Kurt Fendt, the Research Director for Comparative Media Studies at MIT. Although they chose the winners back in January, they will be announced at the end of tonight’s presentation.

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