How To Use a Foreo Iris Eye Massager

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From increased circulation to better product absorption, the benefits of eye massage are endless. But who has time to add an eye massage to their daily skin care routine? You do, of course! Say hello to brighter-looking eyes with a one-minute massage with the IRIS™ Illuminating Eye Massager. Studies show that it’s 3.5x more effective at reducing bags under eyes and 70% more effective at reducing dark circles under eyes, compared to applying serum with hands alone. Want to see results for yourself? Read on to learn how to give yourself an anti-aging eye massage with the IRIS.

Former Bachelor Contestant Michelle Money Spills Her Beauty Tips

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Despite your opinion of reality television, you can’t deny its effect on the face of modern beauty. From the doll-like perfection of the Kardashians to the expert hair extensions on the harem of Real Housewives, the ultra-high beauty standards of reality TV stars have always fascinated us. So naturally we jumped at the chance to interview Michelle Money, the contestant who made waves on The BachelorThe Bachelor in Paradise, and now, Marriage Bootcamp. But in addition to her bold personality, but we love her for her flawless look: mermaid waves, statement-making pink lipstick, and even the occasional bohemian headpiece. We caught up with the professional hairstylist and reality TV star to talk beauty regrets, brows, and more.