MYSA by FOREO: Nicole Trilivas Talks Girls Who Travel

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I learned everything I know about traveling from my older sister. Some gems of knowledge: When staying in a 20-person hostel, always go for the top bunk; always learn the phrases “hello,” “one,” “please,” “thank you,” and “bathroom” in your destination’s native tongue; and never be afraid to go on an adventure. Now, my sister—author Nicole Trilivas—is bringing more travel tales to life in her debut novel, Girls Who Travel.  I spoke with my London-based sister to get the scoop on the lighthearted travel-based book.

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The Moral Conflict of Romanticizing the Legend of Ned Kelly

“Ned Kelly is one badass motherfucker,” one of my peers said, walking out the Old Melbourne Gaol where the Australian outlaw spent his last days before his execution on November 11th 1880. Prior to relocating to Australia, I never heard of Ned Kelly, yet once I heard his story I found myself eagerly hoisting the fiberglass replica of his iron armor over my head, peering out of the rectangular slit, slinging my hands in the air mimicking the shape of revolvers.
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How To Go On a Yoga Retreat

It’s easy to imagine yourself confidently stretching your arms over your head and folding your legs in some intense yoga pose on a sandy Bali beach, but going on a yoga retreat requires more preparation than a once over of Eat, Pray, Love.

Why Take a Yoga Retreat:

“Yoga retreats are for everyone,” says Ganga Grace, the director of the Himalayan Yoga Institute in London.  People usually go on yoga retreats to relax; it is a vacation after all. The main goal of a yoga retreat is relaxation and rejuvenation of your body, mind, and spirit, as well as learning healthier habits and improving your yoga and meditation skills with like-minded people. Participants must be willing to make a complete break from their daily life to engage in healthy activities and should reintegrate these habits into their lives back home. Yoga retreats are an ideal environment for healing and change because there is ample opportunity to reflect and to restore health. Simply connecting with like-minded people can help your renewal.

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