Single? Coupled? Valentine’s Day Round-Up has you Covered

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21st Century Kid

This Fashionisto is wearing a hunter green blazer layered over a black tank with shredded denim. He topped off the look with a cranberry-colored fedora, a bold, silver eagle pendent, stacks of black leather bracelets, and distressed brown oxfords. His look is casual but still fashionable and colorful by accessorizing basic wardrobe pieces with bold, unique accessories.

To pull off your own fab I-just-threw-this-on look try:

Style On,

Renee Trilivas

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Theater Review: The Adding Machine (Uncut)

Image courtesy of SpeakEasy Stage Company

After 25 years of monotonously crunching numbers in a sunless, cramped office, Mr. Zero, who is expecting a promotion, is flightily dismissed from his dead-end job. Shocked and enraged, he murders his boss.

It sounds like an outlandish headline from any tabloid you’d see checking out at the grocery store, doesn’t it? Sorry to disappoint, but Mr. Zero’s story goes all the way back to the 1923 play by Elmer Rice entitled “The Adding Machine.”

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Theater Review: The Adding Machine (Edited)

The Many Numbers of the Adding Machine

Elmer Rice’s play, The Adding Machine, has been adapted into a musical produced by SpeakEasy Stage Company, directed by Paul Melone with original music by Joshua Schmidt and libretto by Jason Loewith and Joshua Schmidt.

In the first scene, the stage is virtually baron, consisting of just a metal-framed bed and two vacant wooden chairs. Zero arrives home from work, peaked, staring blankly at the floor as his wife attacks him—in song form.

Photo courtesy of SpeakEasy Stage Company

Immediately you are uncomfortably thrust into the deteriorating relationship between Mr. and Mrs. Zero, forced to watch their bickering. In “Something To Be Proud Of” Mrs. Zero is pecking at her husband, cruelly stating “I was a fool for marrying you” in a shrill cry. As she gripes, her hand cuts through the air tense at her side up to her cheek demanding a kiss before he leaves for work, and he subserviently complies face unchanging. Her housewife-gone-wild screeching combined with his stoic face looked like an incident of domestic violence just waiting to happen.

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Haute for Haiti Fashion Show: Great Cause, Eh Clothes

As part of the Boston Stands with Haiti relief campaign, Boston University’s Hillel House co-sponsored the lackluster “Haute for Haiti” fashion show Sunday February 28th. The designers featured were Kat Schamens, Betsey Johnson, Tom’s Shoes, and two BU student designers: Emily Gasda and Cassie Locsin. Hilary Rappaport for HMR Designs provided the jewelry.

Some of the designs may have looked a unquestionably familiar if you attended the Fashion & Retail Association’s Fall 2009 “NUDE” fashion show November 14th. The burst of fresh air in the runway show was Kat Schamen’s carnival-inspired line.

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Entire Feed of 2010 Redstone Film Festival Live Blog 02/26/2010

The Redstone Film Festival, BU’s annual student showcase of undergraduate and graduate films will take place tonight at the Tsai Performance Center. After several rounds of judging, seven films made it to Wednesday’s presentation, three of which will be awarded cash prizes and the prestige of winning.

“These students have poured so much of themselves into this,” said Scott Thompson, a BU Assistant Professor in Screenwriting and also the Redstone Film Festival Coordinator. “To be a part of helping them get exposure to their work is exciting.”

Thompson said this year the Festival chose the winners from a pool of approximately 35 entries, about half of which were chosen to be screened by this year’s panel of judges, who are industry professionals. This year’s judges were Peter Keough, Film Editor for The Boston Phoenix, Laura Bernieri, Producer/Director at Tin Can Films, and Kurt Fendt, the Research Director for Comparative Media Studies at MIT. Although they chose the winners back in January, they will be announced at the end of tonight’s presentation.

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Betsey Johnson Fashion Show in Boston

Betsey Johnson is known for her youthful party dresses in delicious shades like baby pink and soft teal, and her finale cartwheel and neon pink shopping bags. February 7th, I was lucky enough to attend a Betsey Johnson Fashion & Trunk Show at BOND lounge at the Langham Hotel. Here’s the lowdown for when BJ took over Beantown:

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