Cut It Short: Cropped Coats

January 11, 2010

The fashion term “crop top” evokes images of an early Britney Spears circa 1999 prancing around a beach. Well, Britney is having a comeback—and just as Britney has morphed into a fabulous circus ringleader, the cheesy crop top has matured into couture. But to be less bubblegum and more champagne and caviar, focus in on cropped outwear.

This Fashionista is channeling the cropped trend of designers like Louis Vuitton by cozying up to the new year in this black knit cardigan with oversized buttons and cropped sleeves.

Cropped coats, jackets, and sweaters give you Fashionistas a chance to show off your skirt or dress but still prevent that winter chill from creeping in this January. Three-quarter sleeves and shortened lengths look great in buttery-soft fabrics like this faux-fur coat, this ivory super-cropped coat, or this plush black overcoat.

Hint: To touch on the current trend of blazers, try this cropped blazer by Juicy Couture or layer with this belted cardigan.

Style On,

Renee Trilivas


Mad Men Retro

December 28, 2009

This holiday season, go mad. As in that great, retro-inspired wardrobe of the television drama Mad Men. The Fashionisto is capturing that 1960’s sophistication with a brown blazer and a dusty lavender silk tie.

To create a similar look, start out with this crisp, white button-down shirt. Then pair a lux blazer with classic black slacks when you’re out at a holiday party, or dress it down with a pair of great jeans for Christmas shopping with friends. As for neck wear, try this skinny tie or this elegant bow tie. And don’t forget these Buddy Holly glasses to really make a statement when building a gingerbread house and sipping hot chocolate with your little sister.

Hint: Keep the ensemble modern with a pop of color; try this cobalt blue rubber watch or these vivid red suspenders. Ladies, these also make great gifts for all the Fashionistos in your life.

Happy Holidays!

Style On,

Renee Trilivas

Mix It Up With A Scarf

December 21, 2009

It’s about time to be breaking out those hats and gloves for the frigid Boston weather, but don’t forget the scarf!

Be unexpected this holiday season and leave that darling scarf on indoors. Mix up your look by sporting geometric or abstract prints with that simple black scarf that’s somewhere rumpled at the bottom of your closet. This Fashionista is wearing a jersey scarf over a geometric printed dress creating an effortlessly cool look that keeps you warm and stylish.

Try throwing on a braided scarf over an unadorned tulip dress to add some unexpected texture or even a classic crocheted scarf with an abstract tea party dress.

Hint: It’s best to pair a solid-color, knitted scarf with a graphic dress or wrap on a crazy, abstract scarf over a plain-Jane dress. Also don’t put on a statement scarf with any complicated necklines, tiers of ruffles, or tight ruching—you’ll look as if you’re trying too hard.

Check out these dresses: this blurred gradient cocktail dress, this graphic red strapless dress; or for a wilder look, this sexy leopard dress.

And spice up those LBD’s you already have in your closet with pieces like this shredded scarf, this colorful, artsy scarf or this tasseled scarf.

For more basic winter scarves, check out American Apparel—they have awesome three-packs in every color of the rainbow. You can mix and match these pieces, but remember to choose only one focal point of the outfit.

Also scope out this Fashionista’s earrings, which she made herself. If you’re not that creative, check out these similar bone earrings.

Style On,

Renee Trilivas


Go Nude

December 14, 2009

This Fashionista is rocking a casual nude jacket over a comfy cashmere cardigan. She’s paired this nude look with a vintage cameo necklace, a twisted chiffon headband, and darling tweed flats.

Her delicate cameo necklace belonged to this Fashionista’s great grandmother and is a family heirloom. So, go raid your grandmother’s jewelry box and see what you can dig up. Or try this framed cameo necklace and these drop earrings.

You can’t go wrong coupling nude hues with any shade. I love combining it with black—especially black lace items. Linking these two items will effortlessly emote a lingerie-inspired, Lady Gaga-esque effect. Nude looks can be uber feminine like this dainty dress by Rodarte for Target or this demure Audrey dress. Also check out this courtly black dress or this cutout lace blazer.

You can also go nude with your accessories. Try this ribbon chain purse or these geometric cutout booties. For this cold winter weather, throw on this camel trench, ribbed beanie, or fingerless leather gloves.

Style On,

Renee Trilivas


Femme Fatale Feathers

December 7, 2009

I am just as sick of those platinum blond Lady Gaga hair bows and Blair Waldorf gigantic, ostentatious headbands as anyone in the English-speaking world. But don’t let those overdone looks scare you off hair accessories forever.

A great way to add some drama to your holiday little black dress is to simply pin an elegant feathered hair clip into your strands like this fashionista. Try this glamorous clip with sculpted retro waves to instantly polish up your look. If you’re feeling a bit saucier, check out this jeweled feather headband to look like a mysterious film noir scarlet at all your holiday parties.

Hint: Spray your locks with glossing spray to boost its shine in just one spritz to complement your femme fatale look.

Style On,

Renee Trilivas


Stud On, Style On

November 30, 2009

Fashionistas often mix hard and soft elements to create the perfect ensemble, such as mixing a flowing floral dress with classic black leather motorcycle jacket. For this upcoming holiday season, update your own sophisticated balance with mixing sharp metals and luxurious wintry fabrics.

This Fashionista flawlessly combines a cozy gray sweater dress with jagged studs adorning the shoulders, achieving a romantic yet tough look simultaneously. By mixing these contrasting textures, this Fashionista is also adding a bit of festive seasonal shine to her stunning outfit. Whether we like it or not, a refined version of those shoulder pads worn by your mother in 1980’s are back. Adding studs is a wearable alternative to the structured shoulders that protruded down the Fall 2009 runways in collections like Givenchy and Marc Jacobs.

To avoid looking like you just stepped off your Harley-Davidson, it is key to blend plush with hardened materials. Try this velvety tunic paired with black leggings or this bodycon dress both by Nasty Gal. For a bolder look, choose chunkier studs like the ones on this Qi cashmere dress for an edgy twist on the little black dress. Also try these sky-high Dolce Vita pumps, or for a more functional shoe, check out these navy flats by Fred Flare.

Style On,

Renee Trilivas


Floral Arrangements

November 16, 2009

With the temperature and wind chill dropping at a seemingly faster rate each day, simple pleasures from those carefree, sunny days of summer seem long gone. Hold onto a little bit of those summer vibes by adding some flowered jewelry into the mix, like this Fashionista.

The concept of winter florals is seemingly oxymoronic, but these aren’t the kind the 1960’s Haight-Ashbury hippies were wearing in their hair. The twist is that these accessories are made of sophisticated, wintry materials, such as leathers and worn precious metals. This new spin elevates them from Woodstock kitschy flower power into elegant and sophisticated feminine pieces you can incorporate all year round.

Check out this leather and brass necklace from Anthropologie, this ornate metal flower necklace from Forever 21, these metal rose studs from Urban Outfitters, and this adorable black blossom ring from Top Shop.

These floral arrangements are sure to get you out of that mid-semester funk.

Style On,

Renee Trilivas