Haight Hippies

I was lucky enough to spend my spring break in sunny San Francisco and I enthralled myself into the West Coast culture and fashion.

Some of my favorite San Fran fashions came from the hippies and bohemians in the Haight-Ashbury district. They inspired me to break away from my basic black and dive into the colors from the summer of love.

Here are some of my top Californian picks:

Hint: Round out the look with fluttery lashes, colorful eyes, and mango lips. Oh, and be sure to wear some flowers in your hair!

Peace, Love, & Style On!

Renee Trilivas

Floral Arrangements

November 16, 2009

With the temperature and wind chill dropping at a seemingly faster rate each day, simple pleasures from those carefree, sunny days of summer seem long gone. Hold onto a little bit of those summer vibes by adding some flowered jewelry into the mix, like this Fashionista.

The concept of winter florals is seemingly oxymoronic, but these aren’t the kind the 1960’s Haight-Ashbury hippies were wearing in their hair. The twist is that these accessories are made of sophisticated, wintry materials, such as leathers and worn precious metals. This new spin elevates them from Woodstock kitschy flower power into elegant and sophisticated feminine pieces you can incorporate all year round.

Check out this leather and brass necklace from Anthropologie, this ornate metal flower necklace from Forever 21, these metal rose studs from Urban Outfitters, and this adorable black blossom ring from Top Shop.

These floral arrangements are sure to get you out of that mid-semester funk.

Style On,

Renee Trilivas