Backstage Secrets: How To Get Great Skin in 10 Minutes or Less

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Backstage at fashion week, models are expected to have flawless skin. But when they’re running on zero sleep and subjected to constant skin aggravation (taking off and reapplying makeup several times a day), their skin can easily get stressed out. So, how do they get that perfect, runway-ready glow in the dwindling moments before showtime? We chatted with famed esthetician Eileen Harcourt to find out exactly how to get beautiful skin.

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5 Ways To Unplug from Social Media

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The Sephora Glossy: Sharpen Your Pencils, Sharpen Your Skills

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Find out how to up your eyeliner game with these insider tips and tricks.

This season, draw forth and conquer liner with confidence. Consider these five pro tips the liner notes for a fall filled with limitless looks. RENEE TRILIVAS

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The Sephora Glossy: Textured Hair Trends

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Bumble and bumble shows us four ways to wear fall’s most wanted, most wearable style.

Windblown waves may be the unofficial hairstyle of summer, but mermaid twists, beachy body, tousled ponytails, and more are moving into the fall, thanks to products that provide year-round texture. Check out these effortless tutorials straight from Bumble and bumble to amp up texture, no matter the season.  RENEE TRILIVAS

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The Sephora Glossy: How To Get Your Best Brows

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Achieve peak perfection with our expert brow bible.

Elevate your arches, add instant structure, and frame your face with flawless brows. This insider’s guide will teach you how to find your most flattering shape, then how to fill in and further define it with your preferred format. Below, we break down your best brows in four simple steps straight from the pros. RENEE TRILIVAS

Find your ideal brow proportions by lining up a pencil from the center of the nostril to the inner corner of the eye. Make a light mark to indicate the start of the brow. Anchored at the nostril, rotate the pencil until it’s aligned with the outer corner of the eye. Mark this spot where the brow should end. Next, mark the arch by shifting the pencil over the iris.
PRO TIP: For a quick and easy arch, use a brow stencil similar to your natural shape.


POMADE: Clear or tinted formulas define and amp up arches for a long-wearing look.

TRY: Anastasia DipBrow Brow Pomade: Creamy texture glides on fadeproof color that won’t smudge—even on oily skin or in humid conditions.

Too Faced Bulletproof Brows: This hybrid tints, fills, and tames brows. Plus, the waterproof formula sets in just 60 seconds, for up to 24 hours of no-budge color.

PENCIL: Sketch in ultimate precision with ease: Fill in uneven areas, beef up balding spots, sharpen your shape, and effortlessly extend the tail.

TRY: Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil: Convenient powder-wax pencil draws on face-framing fullness while the attached spoolie brush blurs edges for a seamless shape.

Smashbox Brow Tech To Go: Angled, waterproof pencil gives brows a soft touch of color while the included clear gel delivers a soft hold.

GEL: Brush on gel textures for natural-looking fullness and brow-setting sheen: Available in clear and tinted formulas, these gels hold hair in place whether used alone or as an arch finisher (see FINISH THE LOOK below).

TRY: Benefit Gimme Brow: Mini, tapered wand builds thickness with volumizing microfibers that adheres to skin and hair.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Brow Tamer Grooming Gel: Non-sticky, haircare-inspired formula holds peaks in place without leaving them hard, crunchy, or flaky.

Per-fekt Brow Perfection Gel: Conditioning gel coaxes hair into place, and tinted shades fill bare areas for enhanced, one-step definition.

PALETTE: Create artful arches on the go with a compact kit: Ready-to-tote set sculpts statement-making brows for all skill levels—from brow beginners to arch enthusiasts.

TRY: Urban Decay Brow Box: Compact kit packed with versatile must-haves—powder, wax, brushes, and more—creates groomed brows on the go.

PRO TIP: Try layering product for intensity and staying power.

Connect the three marks you mapped in step one using the brow filler of your choice, shading sparse areas with a stiff eyebrow brush in short, feathery strokes.
PRO TIP: Smooth on an eye primer over the brows before applying product to make your look last all day.

Using an angled brow-brush, blend product into the brows, and sweep with a clean spoolie brush for a soft, seamless finish. Blend concealer or highlighter below and above the brows to further define the shape. Finish by applying a brow gel to lock hairs in place.
PRO TIP: Give brows a dimensional effect by brushing on a gel one or two shades lighter than your natural color.


The Sephora Glossy: How To Highlight + Contour By Face Shape

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Learn how accentuate your best features in five simple steps.

Master high definition. Chisel your cheeks, refine your nose, and sculpt your jawline with this foolproof contouring tutorial for the four most common face shapes. RENEE TRILIVAS

1. IDENTIFY YOUR FACE SHAPE: Use the handy guide below to help determine yours.
OVAL: generally balanced shape; length is greater than the width.
ROUND: width is equal to the length; rounder hairline; fuller cheeks.
SQUARE: strong jawline that is boxed off at the chin; straighter hairline; cheeks appear more flat.
HEART: slightly wider forehead that gradually narrows toward the bottom of the face; tapered chin.

2. ADD LIGHT TO THE CENTER OF THE FACE: Draw the eye to the center of the face by creating an inverted triangle of light with a shimmer-free concealer or cream foundation. See the charts here for your exact placement.

3. ILLUMINATE THE AREAS YOU WANT TO STAND OUT: Apply the luminizer of your choice over the following areas for a lit-from-within radiance that highlights your best features.
OVAL: the center of the forehead, down the bridge of the nose, from the browbones to the cheekbones in a C-shape, and the center of the chin.
ROUND: the center of the hairline to the center of the forehead, down the bridge of the nose, the cheekbones under the outer corners of the eyes, and the center of the chin.
SQUARE: the center of the hairline and the center of the forehead, above and below the outer edges of the brows, and the center of the chin.
HEART: the center of the hairline to the center of the forehead, down the bridge of the nose, above and below the outer edges of the brows, the chin just below the lower lip, and to the sides of the mouth.
TIP: Apply luminizer in light, buildable layers for refined illumination.

4. CONTOUR THE AREAS YOU WANT TO RECEDE: Sweep on your preferred contour shade on these specific areas to downplay prominent features and create natural-looking definition.
OVAL: lightly along the hairline and temples and under the cheekbones.
ROUND: the edges of the face, from the temples to the jawline, and in the hollows of the cheeks.
SQUARE: the temples and from the hollows of the cheeks to the jawline.
HEART: the temples, the sides of the cheeks, and the chin.
TIP: Start at the edge of the face and work your way inward for subtle shading.

5. BLEND THE HIGHLIGHT + CONTOUR COLORS TOGETHER: Blur the edges of the highlight and contour colors into each other for a seamless finish using a brush or sponge.
TIP: Hold your brush toward the end of the handle to diffuse harsh lines.




How-To: Make Lady Gaga Cookies

A slideshow created and produced by yours truly to teach you all how to make Lady Gaga cookies! The WTBU street team and myself dedicated about eight hours to creating these little monsters for the WTBU bake sale.

They’re delicious and provocative.

See the slideshow here!

Photo by Daniel Åhs Karlsson

Just Dance. It’ll be okay.

(Music courtesey of the Gaga)