Brookline ZBA Unanimously Approves Runkle School Expansion

On Thursday, February 4th, Chairwoman Enid Starr, Jesse Geller and Mark Zuroff, collectively the Zoning Board of Appeals, unanimously decided to approve the expansion of the Runkle elementary school at 50 Druce Street in Brookline. However, the decision came with the condition that there must be a Transportation Department traffic study to ensure safety in the area surrounding the school prior to the anticipating reopening of the school.

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Local Anti-Fur Protestors Inconvenience Brookline’s Elite

Animal cruelty victims were mourned at a peaceful protest outside a local fur boutique in Brookline last Saturday.

I.J. Fox, Harris, and Klaff fur shop was the site of the demonstration by Massachusetts Animal Rights Coalition (MARC.) MARC is a local non-profit organization dedicated to campaigning against fur and all other animal-related industries. The five-year-old group braved the cold to stand outside the store in the usual territory stomped by the designer stilettos of wealthy clientele, armed only with handmade signs.

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