An Esthetician’s Best Skin Care Tips

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Let’s face it: skin care is a complicated subject. And complicated subjects are often crowded with unsolicited advice. But when it comes to your face, what do you really need to know to get healthy, beautiful skin at every age? We interviewed esthetician Eileen Harcourt to get the skin care scoop.

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Backstage Secrets: How To Get Great Skin in 10 Minutes or Less

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Backstage at fashion week, models are expected to have flawless skin. But when they’re running on zero sleep and subjected to constant skin aggravation (taking off and reapplying makeup several times a day), their skin can easily get stressed out. So, how do they get that perfect, runway-ready glow in the dwindling moments before showtime? We chatted with famed esthetician Eileen Harcourt to find out exactly how to get beautiful skin.

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MYSA by FOREO: Celebrity Moms’ Beauty Tips

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Moms: They’re full of great advice that we just roll our eyes at. But maybe it’s time we start listening. Here, we round up the best routines and lifestyle tips from Hollywood’s hottest moms. (Cover image illustrated by Angela Coppola exclusively for MYSA).

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MYSA by FOREO: How To Prepare for a Cross-Country Road Trip

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When my college bestie told me she was taking a two-week road trip from Boston to Portland, I instantly signed up to be her copilot. Was I prepared? Somewhat. Did I know what I was getting into? Not really. Was it totally worth it? Absolutely. Here are my top tips for surviving a cross-country road trip. (Cover image illustrated by Vesna Pesic exclusively for MYSA)

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The Sephora Glossy: The Great Cleanse

We get Senior Brand Strategist Jamie Anderson’s expert advice for a fresh face.


Who says washing your face has to be boring? Rethink your cleanse with fun, benefit-packed cleansers at Sephora. “Cleansing your skin after a long day or a party can be a bit of a drag,” says Senior Brand Strategist Jamie Anderson. “This way it’s something to look forward to.” From makeup-melting formats to turbo-charging tricks, we get Anderson’s top tips to get your skin in tip-top shape. RENEE TRILIVAS

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The Sephora Glossy: Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Medi-Spa Peel

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We dissect the professional-quality peel with the namesake skin specialist.

Craving smooth, radiant skin in the comfort of your own bathroom? Skip the trip to the spa with the new Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Medi-Spa Peel, a non-irritating, acid-packed treatment that’s just what the doctor ordered. “Even with a great daily routine, your skin wants and needs a weekly boost to look as healthy and glowing as possible,” says Dr. Dennis Gross, New York City dermatologist and creator of Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare. “It’s just like shampooing your hair, and then using a stronger hair mask once a week. Think of this as your new weekly, at-home skin intervention—which is going to prove itself quickly with visible results after just one use.” Here, we get the scientific scoop on the powerhouse peel. RENEE TRILIVAS

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The Sephora Glossy: Dr. Dennis Gross Clinical Concentrate Boosters

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Discover how to balance your complexion with this customizable chemistry set for skin.


CHEM 101 may not have been our favorite subject in school, but we could never get enough of concocting our very own powerful potions in the lab with droppers, beakers, and close adult supervision. So when we heard about the new set of ready-to-mix Dr. Dennis Gross Clinical Concentrate Boosters, we jumped back into school mode to study up on the innovative elixirs that deliver serious results. As in a D.I.Y. science experiment, you can add a few drops of these concentrates to your favorite skin care or makeup, or apply directly to the skin for an instant boost of radiance, hydration, or purification. Here, we examine the set that’s way more fun than chemistry class ever was. Case in point: no precise measuring, no pop quizzes, no spontaneous combustion. Just fresh, flawless skin. RENEE TRILIVAS

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The Sephora Glossy: Warm-Weather Scents

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Top tips to help you switch up your fragrance with the season.

“The best way to approach fragrance is to think of it as a wardrobe,” says Jared Kassof, Education Brand & Program Manager, Fragrance. “We should have different options to reflect who we are and how we’re feeling….just like you slip on tank tops and sandals, you should pull out a summertime scent.” Here, we get Kassof’s top tips on selecting your eau-so-perfect perfume for the season. RENEE TRILIVAS

What should you look for when picking a summer scent?
Fragrance is always a personal choice, but there are some general recommendations when looking for a summer scent. Go for something lighter since the heat and humidity increase your body temperature and intensify the scent, especially during the day.

Where can you find inspiration for a new perfume? 
Inspiration can come from anywhere! Ask yourself what you love about summer! If you love fresh fruit and juicy berries, go for that light, fruity floral. If you’re all about lounging by the pool, pick out a refreshing, marine fragrance.

Are there any particular notes we gravitate towards this time of year?
During summer, most of our clients lean towards fresh fragrances. These might have light, soft florals or bright, zesty citrus notes. They also include aquatic fragrances that evoke waterfalls and ocean breezes. Also, summer nights can be the perfect occasion for rich, romantic perfumes if you want a change.

What are your favorite fragrance formats?
Generally, products that provide a lighter application wear well in summer. Eau de toilette is probably the preferred concentration during this time of year since scents often become more intense and long-wearing with the weather. This is also a chance to wear your favorite scented body lotion on its own, or try small sizes and refillable atomizers for reapplying throughout the day.

What scents are you loving for summer?
The Issey Miyake Eau D’Issey Summer bottle is so cute, and I love how refreshing it is with light citrus notes. Bobbi Brown Beach is a light floral that keeps you coming back for more. I couldn’t stop smelling it! This is a great fragrance that lets you feel casual and sophisticated at the same time. Philosophy Sunshine Grace captures that happy feeling of skipping work or school to go lay out on the beach in the sun. Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue Escape to Panarea Pour Femme takes the original, iconic Light Blue and adds a little bit of sweetness. We all could use a fragrance that helps us escape.