The Sephora Glossy: Dr. Dennis Gross Clinical Concentrate Boosters

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Discover how to balance your complexion with this customizable chemistry set for skin.


CHEM 101 may not have been our favorite subject in school, but we could never get enough of concocting our very own powerful potions in the lab with droppers, beakers, and close adult supervision. So when we heard about the new set of ready-to-mix Dr. Dennis Gross Clinical Concentrate Boosters, we jumped back into school mode to study up on the innovative elixirs that deliver serious results. As in a D.I.Y. science experiment, you can add a few drops of these concentrates to your favorite skin care or makeup, or apply directly to the skin for an instant boost of radiance, hydration, or purification. Here, we examine the set that’s way more fun than chemistry class ever was. Case in point: no precise measuring, no pop quizzes, no spontaneous combustion. Just fresh, flawless skin. RENEE TRILIVAS

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